Zmodo Cameras: Security For Your Small Business

Zmodo Cameras: Security For Your Small Business

Small business security is important, and Zmodo cameras can help you achieve it

Security for your small business is important, and one of the ways you can improve yours is with Zmodo cameras. Zmodo is an expert in security systems. For small business making sure you have a quality security system is important, because you don’t necessarily have the security of larger, more established companies. One of the benefits of Zmodo cameras is that there are several options to choose from that allow you to pick the one that best suits your company’s needs.

TITP 10.24 300x203 Zmodo Cameras:  Security For Your Small Business

Zmodo Cameras

In terms of design, there are dome cameras, mini wifi network cameras, bullet cameras and several others. For example, you made need more security for the space outside your main office. There are cameras you can choose from that are sleek and less noticeable than other bulky cameras. Depending on how much distance you need the videos and images to cover, you have different cameras from which to choose. There are also different versions of the indoor dome cameras. Not only do all of the cameras function differently in terms of the features they have, but they also have different designs. Although security is the most important consideration, it is important for the camera to meet your style needs as well. Whatever your companies needs when it comes to security, there is a Zmodo camera that will have all the features you desire in a security system.

One of the additional features of these cameras that make them ideal for small business is their ability to be synced with your smartphone. You can view footage and see what is going on from any location with a reliable connection. This is great for small business owners who carry the responsibility of making sure their company is secure.

Overall, Zmodo cameras are a smart choice when it comes to security for you small business. For questions about how this technology, and other great products, call trueITpros at 678-534-8776 today.

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CyberArms: Protection Against Intrusion

Learn how trueITpros is using CyberArms to keep you safe

In a technology-based society security is important and one of the ways we are helping our clients achieve security is by installing CyberArms on all of their servers. Keeping your information safe is a top priority for us. One way we can be the best at our job is to keep up with changing trends and new advances.

TITP 10.10 300x98 CyberArms: Protection Against Intrusion

CyberArms: Protection Against Intrusion

Protecting your systems is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, any financial records you have can be accessed by hackers. For small businesses especially, keeping your money safe is a top priority. Another top reason security is important is the time and effort it takes to regain control once an intrusion has been made. CyberArms is an intrusion detection system for Windows. It protects your Windows systems against brute force attacks and intrusion attempts.

Another feature of CyberArms is that it is proactive. When there is an intrusion attempt CyberArms logs the attempt and reacts to it. It is also possible to configure CyberArms to specifically meet your security needs. The adaptability and the high security of this system makes it ideal for our clients. We also like the fact that CyberArms is a certified, US-based company. CyberArms gives the user complete control – which is a feature we love.

When it comes to our clients, we value their security and want to use the best systems to give you peace of mind. Whatever needs you have in terms of security, let trueITpros handle them. Not only are we taking the steps to install this system on all of our clients servers, we are available to help you with all your IT needs. Call us today at 678-534-8776 for more information about how trueITpros and CyberArms benefit you!

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Windows Phone 8.1 With Cortana

We’ve done some research on the Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana and thought we’d share what we found!

TITP 9.14 178x300 Windows Phone 8.1 With Cortana

Windows Phone 8.1

We’re always learning about the latest and greatest when it comes to technology, and this week it is the Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana. It sounds like a mouthful so we thought we’d break it down a little. This is the newest update in the line of Windows phones. It has the “most personal smartphone assistant” as stated by Windows on their page. Think Siri but with more personality. After looking through the Windows site and some forums, we’ve found some solid frontrunners for opinions on this new technology.

Cortana is one of the most talked-about features of this update. Cortana gets to know you and your habits. When it learns your patterns it makes your day-to-day usage easier. There are multiple alerts, a calendar and will offer proactive suggestions. One of the features Windows is hitting hard in the advertisements is the personable side of Cortana.  “Cortana was designed to have a personality. She can chit chat and is funnier than 50% of your friends (we think). Go ahead, ask her anything.” Windows is definitely setting the bar high, but if Cortana delivers all of the promised features we think it will change the way we talk to our phones. In addition to the new voice technology, there are additional great features of the Windows Phone 8.1. For example, there is a 48 megapixel camera and the ability to swipe across all of your screens.

The counterargument for the Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana is of course, “It isn’t an iPhone”. We think this is valid. There are die-hard fans of Apple products who wouldn’t be caught dead with a Windows phone. From a neutral point of view, we think there are pros and cons to think about.

Don’t forget to get in touch with us for all of your IT needs! Call us at 678-534-8776 today!


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Addressing iPhone 6 Rumors

The Elephant In The Room: are the iPhone 6 Rumors true?

There are few things that get this generation of tech-savvy individuals excited like rumors from Apple, and in this case it’s iPhone 6 rumors that have us all shook up. There are many rumors floating around and our favorite online sources for technology updates are speculating wildly. We thought it would be a good idea to round up the facts we could find and lay them out for our readers.

TITP 8.29 pic 300x262 Addressing iPhone 6 Rumors

Apple’s next big secret

The one piece of concrete information that increased the iPhone 6 rumors is a confirmed September media event that will be hosted by Apple on the 9th. The event will take place at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino. This is a shift from the usual location of their media events, which automatically caused a little chatter.  To the right, you’ll see the invitation that Apple sent out for this event. In typical “less is more” Apple fashion, the invitation simply says, “Wish we could say more”. The invitation also says the date, 9/9/2014. The media event’s occurrence is a fact, but what will be said at the media event has many online communities wondering if the iPhone 6 will be released. From a sales standpoint (the holiday shopping season will start soon after the event) it makes sense. Hmm. Another fact that we gathered is that Apple has historically used September as their time to release new products. Once again, we say, “Hmm.”

In terms of the features of the iPhone 6, size has been a hot topic. Again, if we look at Apple’s history with phone releases, they have gotten bigger with each new phone. Apple has acknowledged that people want bigger phones. This is a trend brought on by the presence of larger, cheaper Androids on the market. There has been no information about size, but the rumors have stayed within a range of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

 As always, there is very little to report when it comes to new Apple products. There are plenty of online sources that have made predictions that will probably be right, but it is impossible to tell which iPhone 6 rumors will become fact.  What ever Apple’s next best secret is our trueITpros team is all over it. Continue to read our posts and like us on FB to get the scoop as soon as we get it…Stay tuned!!!

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Hacker Proof Passwords

Hacker Proof passwords can make or break your online and offline security.

Hacker proof passwords are your first line of defense in this very technology-centered world we live in. It is true that technology has the power to provide so many great services and makes our lives easier. However, with great power comes great responsibility and the chance for that power to be compromised. For every password you have protecting your information, there is a hacker out there waiting to figure it out. Hackers can use a variety of methods to access your information. A weak password is easily guessed or decoded. This can create unwanted stress, especially if a hacker accesses your financial records or accounts. When it comes to hacker proof passwords there are a few tips and tricks we’d like to share.

password pic 300x168 Hacker Proof Passwords

hacker proof passwords

1.  Use upper and lowercase letters. To really throw hackers for a loop, add the capital letter in the middle of the password.

2.  Incorporate letters and/or numbers.

3.  Use at least one special character like @ or <.

4.  Make your password at least 8 characters long.

5.  Never use your personal information in your passwords. This includes names, phone numbers, addresses you use or other easily guessed information.

Keep in mind that some accounts require some, if not all, of these features when you’re creating a password. Even if it’s not required a hacker proof passwords will include many of these characteristics.

When we forget our passwords it’s easy to think we’d be better off without them. However, passwords protect our bank information, client information, personal records and guard against problems like spam. No one, and we mean no one, likes to log onto their online banking account to see that a hacker has run up $3,000 on your credit card. To avoid that keep these tips in mind when creating your passwords.

Now when you’ve created a hacker proof password you should use a password manager to keep track of your passwords for you. We like Dashlane. First off, It’s free! Just download it to your laptop, desktop, phone or tablet and Dashlane will keep track of your passwords and make them secure. You can automatically import your passwords from Chrome or any other browser into your secure password vault. Dashlane also saves any missing passwords as you browse and make a new password right within your browser. Finally you will get automatic alerts when websites get breached. With your auto-login, you will never have to type any password on any of your devices again. It’s that simple.

Hacker proof passwords and protecting your accounts are priorities here at trueITpros. When you work with us your accounts are always secure. For more information or a free quote call 678-534-9776 today!

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