Addressing iPhone 6 Rumors

Addressing iPhone 6 Rumors

The Elephant In The Room: are the iPhone 6 Rumors true?

There are few things that get this generation of tech-savvy individuals excited like rumors from Apple, and in this case it’s iPhone 6 rumors that have us all shook up. There are many rumors floating around and our favorite online sources for technology updates are speculating wildly. We thought it would be a good idea to round up the facts we could find and lay them out for our readers.

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Apple’s next big secret

The one piece of concrete information that increased the iPhone 6 rumors is a confirmed September media event that will be hosted by Apple on the 9th. The event will take place at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino. This is a shift from the usual location of their media events, which automatically caused a little chatter.  To the right, you’ll see the invitation that Apple sent out for this event. In typical “less is more” Apple fashion, the invitation simply says, “Wish we could say more”. The invitation also says the date, 9/9/2014. The media event’s occurrence is a fact, but what will be said at the media event has many online communities wondering if the iPhone 6 will be released. From a sales standpoint (the holiday shopping season will start soon after the event) it makes sense. Hmm. Another fact that we gathered is that Apple has historically used September as their time to release new products. Once again, we say, “Hmm.”

In terms of the features of the iPhone 6, size has been a hot topic. Again, if we look at Apple’s history with phone releases, they have gotten bigger with each new phone. Apple has acknowledged that people want bigger phones. This is a trend brought on by the presence of larger, cheaper Androids on the market. There has been no information about size, but the rumors have stayed within a range of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

 As always, there is very little to report when it comes to new Apple products. There are plenty of online sources that have made predictions that will probably be right, but it is impossible to tell which iPhone 6 rumors will become fact.  What ever Apple’s next best secret is our trueITpros team is all over it. Continue to read our posts and like us on FB to get the scoop as soon as we get it…Stay tuned!!!

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Hacker Proof Passwords

Hacker Proof passwords can make or break your online and offline security.

Hacker proof passwords are your first line of defense in this very technology-centered world we live in. It is true that technology has the power to provide so many great services and makes our lives easier. However, with great power comes great responsibility and the chance for that power to be compromised. For every password you have protecting your information, there is a hacker out there waiting to figure it out. Hackers can use a variety of methods to access your information. A weak password is easily guessed or decoded. This can create unwanted stress, especially if a hacker accesses your financial records or accounts. When it comes to hacker proof passwords there are a few tips and tricks we’d like to share.

password pic 300x168 Hacker Proof Passwords

hacker proof passwords

1.  Use upper and lowercase letters. To really throw hackers for a loop, add the capital letter in the middle of the password.

2.  Incorporate letters and/or numbers.

3.  Use at least one special character like @ or <.

4.  Make your password at least 8 characters long.

5.  Never use your personal information in your passwords. This includes names, phone numbers, addresses you use or other easily guessed information.

Keep in mind that some accounts require some, if not all, of these features when you’re creating a password. Even if it’s not required a hacker proof passwords will include many of these characteristics.

When we forget our passwords it’s easy to think we’d be better off without them. However, passwords protect our bank information, client information, personal records and guard against problems like spam. No one, and we mean no one, likes to log onto their online banking account to see that a hacker has run up $3,000 on your credit card. To avoid that keep these tips in mind when creating your passwords.

Now when you’ve created a hacker proof password you should use a password manager to keep track of your passwords for you. We like Dashlane. First off, It’s free! Just download it to your laptop, desktop, phone or tablet and Dashlane will keep track of your passwords and make them secure. You can automatically import your passwords from Chrome or any other browser into your secure password vault. Dashlane also saves any missing passwords as you browse and make a new password right within your browser. Finally you will get automatic alerts when websites get breached. With your auto-login, you will never have to type any password on any of your devices again. It’s that simple.

Hacker proof passwords and protecting your accounts are priorities here at trueITpros. When you work with us your accounts are always secure. For more information or a free quote call 678-534-9776 today!

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Blogging and SEO

Are blogging and SEO related, and do you really need to blog for better SEO?

Blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are things that need to cross your mind, and they need to cross if often! Making your pages SEO-friendly isn’t a job that falls only on your web designer anymore. In order for your page to rank higher on search engines, everyone involved with marketing and content management has to be on their toes.

BlogSEO Graphic 300x194 Blogging and SEO

Blogging and SEO

There are some basic tips to getting better results for your site, like choosing high-ranking keywords and creating a user-friendly site. However, if you have a static site these tips will only get you so far. Blogging is a surefire way to take your site to the next level. Google is always looking for the most relevant sites to post on the first page of search results. When you regularly post blogs, you are showing that your content is fresh and relevant. Blogging also helps your site achieve better SEO because it can start a conversation with your community. For example, let’s say you run a lawn care company. You could post once a week and highlight a different lawn care tip. When you allow readers to comment on and share your page on social media, you can see what your community is talking about and what they find to be helpful. Whenever someone shares the link to your blog, it raises your credibility. The more people tweeting, Facebooking and commenting on your blog the better!

When you decide to use blogging as a tool to help your site rank better, there are a few things to keep in mind. 1)  Make sure your content is high-quality. Keep an eye on what your target audience is talking about online (and offline) and blog about it. Whatever you choose to write about, do it well. No one wants to read a blog loaded with errors or old topics 2) Pick a high-ranking keyword. Do some research and choose a keyword that is searchable as well as relevant to your post. 3) Be conversational. Your website most likely has plenty of informational pages that are static. When you blog, tell your readers something interesting, useful or new. We found more interesting tips in an article called, The 12 Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blog, by Brian A. Klems.

Blogging and SEO go hand in hand. Our SEO/SEM team here at trueITpros specialize in using these tools to help our clients grow their business.  With periodic creative blogs of fresh content and the implementation of their SEO tricks-of-the-trade they will have people coming back to your site for more.  They can provide you will a monthly report where they have tracked your traffic and you will see how the efforts of blogging and SEO will help your business take off!  Call trueITpros for a FREE QUOTE today!

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New Addition: trueITpros Workshop

Do you have a show coming up with nowhere to rehearse?

trueITpros has a new addition. Effective immediately, the trueITpros Workshop is open for rental.  Offering a 23 x 32 foot space, from 5pm -12am, 7 days a week, for rehearsals, classes, photo shoots, or readings.  It’s an ideal space for production companieworkshop 1 300x225 New Addition: trueITpros Workshops, actors/actresses, photographers, dancers and musicians to create in comfort.   By day our web design team uses the trueITpros Workshop to create and let their ideas flow.  It’s the place where websites are born.   By night it’s the place to run your lines, work on your moves and hone your craft in a safe and private environment.  We purposely did not furnish the room to allow a clean, uninhibited space for you to see your vision- not ours.

Men’s and women’s restrooms are available, as well as a kitchenette and storage space. The newly renovated space has heating and air conditioning, new carpet, and lots of natural light. It is located on the second floor, and is accessible via the exterior staircases.

A calendar will be coordinated to accommodate your needs as you book time for your rehearsal, a minimum of one week in advance.  You can book on a daily or weekly basis depending on the availability of the trueITpros Workshop.  You’ll find our prices are fair and competitive, and discounts are available for long-term or recurring rentals.

We are conveniently tucked away in the Brookhaven area.  Located on Cliff Valley Way between North Druid Hills and Clairmont Road.  See the map below for directions.  Book your time at the trueITpros Workshop and we’ll provide your space to create.

trueITpros Workshop Directions1 241x300 New Addition: trueITpros Workshop

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Single Source Solutions at trueITpros

Five things you didn’t know about trueITpros

Single source solutions for your business is our goal.  You say you’ve got a deadline and your server crashed.  Or maybe you’ve got messages stuck in your outbox and everyone is waiting for that urgent email. We know how frustrating and financially devastating faulty computer solutions can be for your growing business.  If you own a small to medium sized business with 50 employees or less, you need a customized approach.  trueITpros offers a one-on-one relationship where you and your computer needs are our focus.  We won’t stop until we get to the bottom of your problem.  The trueITpros team is made up of professional, diligent and caring people who look to satisfy our clients by making your technology a rock solid business-generating system.

shutterstock 132135836 300x200 Single Source Solutions at trueITpros

single source solutions

Did you know?  trueITpros engineers are constantly completing training for additional Microsoft certifications.   We pride ourselves on being Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITP).  Our engineers have the comprehensive skill set to correct any IT issue. Technology is always evolving, so being MCITP’s offers many ways to keep skills relevant, applicable and competitive.  You will appreciate our single source solutions when you see that our engineers are trained to handle any problem you are experiencing.  Staying relevant with the industry standard with continuous training is imperative so our engineers can provide the best possible service for your IT needs.

You know what else?  trueITpros offers IT services, website design and hosting, as well as online/offline marketing.  Again, we are the masters of single source solutions. For your IT needs we can fix anything that plugs into the wall from your desktops, laptops, printers, faxes, scanners, etc.   If you need a website to help your company’s brand standout online, we can build you one from scratch or help you upgrade your existing one.  We’ll turn up the volume and presence of your business with up-to-the-minute online marketing technologies. Each client receives personalized service, and trueITpros will design and customize the perfect solution to meet their individual needs.

Bet you didn’t know…One of the trueITpros engineers has been working in the field since 1994.  They say that experience is the best teacher and we agree.  Working with home builders, major universities, large corporations as well as small businesses has given us a wealth of information. Although we can hang with the big boys, we find the personalized, single source solutions

the most rewarding in small business; where we are on a first name basis with most of our clients.  Technology has evolved since the 90’s and with continuous training combined with rock solid experience you’ll get your single source solutions with the engineers at trueITpros.

Did you know this? trueITpros has free online videos and training for Office 2013 and Office 365.  It’s true your computer needs are the focus of our business, however, we want you to be able to handle the basic stuff.  trueITpros will set up free online videos for training through our resources as well as come to your office to train your staff.  We want to set you up for success but don’t worry, we’ll be there for the major issues.

How about this? trueITpros monitors hundreds of servers and thousands of desktops 24x7x365.  We’ve partnered with Continuum Managed Services which allows us to see each and every one of our client’s servers as well as every desktop remotely in our office.  If you have an issue that doesn’t require an engineer to physically be on-site this is a great option.  Fixing your given problem remotely will allow operational efficiency in no time.  Another example of our single source solutions.

So know you some interesting facts about our trueITpro team.  Our continuous training, full service IT and Marketing capabilities, rock solid experience, free end user training opportunities and efficient way of managing our clients, puts us ahead of the competition.   Our clients have been benefiting from our state-of-the-art IT services, website design and online marketing for more than ten years.  When you have simple, affordable single source solutions what more is there to ask for?



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