New Addition: trueITpros Workshop

New Addition: trueITpros Workshop

Do you have a show coming up with nowhere to rehearse?

trueITpros has a new addition. Effective immediately, the trueITpros Workshop is open for rental.  Offering a 23 x 32 foot space, from 5pm -12am, 7 days a week, for rehearsals, classes, photo shoots, or readings.  It’s an ideal space for production companieworkshop 1 300x225 New Addition: trueITpros Workshops, actors/actresses, photographers, dancers and musicians to create in comfort.   By day our web design team uses the trueITpros Workshop to create and let their ideas flow.  It’s the place where websites are born.   By night it’s the place to run your lines, work on your moves and hone your craft in a safe and private environment.  We purposely did not furnish the room to allow a clean, uninhibited space for you to see your vision- not ours.

Men’s and women’s restrooms are available, as well as a kitchenette and storage space. The newly renovated space has heating and air conditioning, new carpet, and lots of natural light. It is located on the second floor, and is accessible via the exterior staircases.

A calendar will be coordinated to accommodate your needs as you book time for your rehearsal, a minimum of one week in advance.  You can book on a daily or weekly basis depending on the availability of the trueITpros Workshop.  You’ll find our prices are fair and competitive, and discounts are available for long-term or recurring rentals.

We are conveniently tucked away in the Brookhaven area.  Located on Cliff Valley Way between North Druid Hills and Clairmont Road.  See the map below for directions.  Book your time at the trueITpros Workshop and we’ll provide your space to create.

trueITpros Workshop Directions1 241x300 New Addition: trueITpros Workshop

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Single Source Solutions at trueITpros

Five things you didn’t know about trueITpros

Single source solutions for your business is our goal.  You say you’ve got a deadline and your server crashed.  Or maybe you’ve got messages stuck in your outbox and everyone is waiting for that urgent email. We know how frustrating and financially devastating faulty computer solutions can be for your growing business.  If you own a small to medium sized business with 50 employees or less, you need a customized approach.  trueITpros offers a one-on-one relationship where you and your computer needs are our focus.  We won’t stop until we get to the bottom of your problem.  The trueITpros team is made up of professional, diligent and caring people who look to satisfy our clients by making your technology a rock solid business-generating system.

shutterstock 132135836 300x200 Single Source Solutions at trueITpros

single source solutions

Did you know?  trueITpros engineers are constantly completing training for additional Microsoft certifications.   We pride ourselves on being Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITP).  Our engineers have the comprehensive skill set to correct any IT issue. Technology is always evolving, so being MCITP’s offers many ways to keep skills relevant, applicable and competitive.  You will appreciate our single source solutions when you see that our engineers are trained to handle any problem you are experiencing.  Staying relevant with the industry standard with continuous training is imperative so our engineers can provide the best possible service for your IT needs.

You know what else?  trueITpros offers IT services, website design and hosting, as well as online/offline marketing.  Again, we are the masters of single source solutions. For your IT needs we can fix anything that plugs into the wall from your desktops, laptops, printers, faxes, scanners, etc.   If you need a website to help your company’s brand standout online, we can build you one from scratch or help you upgrade your existing one.  We’ll turn up the volume and presence of your business with up-to-the-minute online marketing technologies. Each client receives personalized service, and trueITpros will design and customize the perfect solution to meet their individual needs.

Bet you didn’t know…One of the trueITpros engineers has been working in the field since 1994.  They say that experience is the best teacher and we agree.  Working with home builders, major universities, large corporations as well as small businesses has given us a wealth of information. Although we can hang with the big boys, we find the personalized, single source solutions

the most rewarding in small business; where we are on a first name basis with most of our clients.  Technology has evolved since the 90’s and with continuous training combined with rock solid experience you’ll get your single source solutions with the engineers at trueITpros.

Did you know this? trueITpros has free online videos and training for Office 2013 and Office 365.  It’s true your computer needs are the focus of our business, however, we want you to be able to handle the basic stuff.  trueITpros will set up free online videos for training through our resources as well as come to your office to train your staff.  We want to set you up for success but don’t worry, we’ll be there for the major issues.

How about this? trueITpros monitors hundreds of servers and thousands of desktops 24x7x365.  We’ve partnered with Continuum Managed Services which allows us to see each and every one of our client’s servers as well as every desktop remotely in our office.  If you have an issue that doesn’t require an engineer to physically be on-site this is a great option.  Fixing your given problem remotely will allow operational efficiency in no time.  Another example of our single source solutions.

So know you some interesting facts about our trueITpro team.  Our continuous training, full service IT and Marketing capabilities, rock solid experience, free end user training opportunities and efficient way of managing our clients, puts us ahead of the competition.   Our clients have been benefiting from our state-of-the-art IT services, website design and online marketing for more than ten years.  When you have simple, affordable single source solutions what more is there to ask for?



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Apple and Home Automation?

Who Needs  Home Automation?

Look at all these rumors surrounding us every day. The biggest news to break this week was the talk of Apple going into the home automation business. The tech giant wants to take smart home technology to the next level. Of course this wouldn’t be an Apple rumor without an “I” something involved. The key or remote control to the smart home system will be – you guessed it – the iPhone.

In case you are not aware, home automation is the automated control over your house. For example, lighting systems, alarm systems, doors and thermostats can be components of a home automation system. For a few years now companies like Comcast and AT&T have all advertised ways to make your home more energy efficient and safe through home automation, and it does. However, what can Apple bring to the industry? Technology…that’s what.

ID 10011739 300x198 Apple and Home Automation?

Who Needs a Home Automation?

As the “tech giant”, Apple can bring innovative technology to home automation. Through services offered from Comcast and AT&T, homeowners can use an iPhone to control their homes now. There is always an app for that. However, Apple is taking their patented approach – let’s make our own products and sell them in our retail stores. The idea is to create products specifically designed for home automation such as light bulbs, locks, security cameras and more, as certified Apple products. As you know, that little Apple logo goes a long way. You could put it on a pop tart and watch blueberry frosted treats fly off the shelves. The brand recognition is unmatched.

Let’s talk about easy living. Apple products are known for their ease of use. The iMac, iPhone, iPod and iPad are all iEasy. One can only imagine a home automated product from Apple will be easy to navigate. This will make consumers purchase the product. Also Apple, stepping into this industry can really shake things up. As it stands, Comcast and AT&T are at the top of the home automation game with other security companies like ADT and Brink in the mix too. Apple could take their customers.

Although you can become totally geeky anticipating what kind of technology Apple will bring to home automation, one should consider how much is too much technology. As IT professionals, we only propose this question because of past experiences. True Story: a client called because he couldn’t flush his toilet. He couldn’t flush his toilet because his plumbing was hooked up to his Comcast Xfinity home automated system and the system went offline. He actually couldn’t do anything until we got his network back up and running. Simple tasks such as flushing a toilet and opening a door become difficult when technology fails. Your home can be smart just not smarter than you.

Apple breaking into the home automation industry with smart home technology will be interesting. Although as it stands now, the rumor is all we have.


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Microsoft Releases the Surface Pro 3

The next best laptop is actually a tablet. Meet the Surface Pro 3!

It’s been a few weeks since our last blog post about the latest and greatest in tech gadgets. However, IT news never stops for a break. There have been some hot topics such as Apple buying Beats Electronics and AT&T buying DirectTV. You may have heard of the new Xbox One or the rumored iOS8 release that’s got tech people in a twist. iPhone 6 is coming soon and the features offered with the Galaxy S 5 have people switching phone providers and ending mobile contracts. So what’s hot that we want to talk about it? Surface Pro 3!

Microsoft is a heavy contender in the mobile device market with the Windows Phone and Nokia devices. But let’s face it – tablets are running things. Hence the, oh so interesting, phablet (fablet) or Galaxy Note 2. Technology is moving towards devices that can make life as convenient to users as possible. The new Surface Pro 3 is no different. Surface Pro 3 Microsoft Releases the Surface Pro 3

“The tablet that can replace your laptop”…these are pretty big words. How many of us can use the power of a laptop but need the versatility of a tablet? Show of hands…most of us of course. Surface Pro 3 is lightweight however, it offers all the running capabilities of the Sony Vaio, but does it measure up to a laptop and tablet? The Surface Pro 3 comes with a 4th generational Intel Core processor, either i3, i5 or 17 and so does the Sony Vaio. Surface Pro 3 offers up to 9 hours of battery life while the Vaio only offers up to 5 hours. Both the Sony Vaio and Surface Pro 3 have full HD touchscreens, although the Surface Pro 3 screen is smaller than the Vaio at 12 inches it is still the largest screen for a tablet to date. The operating systems are somewhat different in that the Surface Pro 3 runs Windows 8.1 Pro and the Vaio runs Windows 8.1 64 bit.  Both are wireless and have Bluetooth connectivity. Looks like it measures up to a laptop.

Surface Pro 3 comes with the full Microsoft Office Suite and a nifty pen to write on the screen. It allows you to work anywhere as you can open documents and make edits on the go. Surface Pro 3 also has Creative Cloud, Adobe and iTunes software. Are you not entertained? Surface Pro 3 offers touch-enabled apps for games, movies and music. You can download everything you love with just a few swipes across the screens.

Because of its light weight and carrying size, you can take the Surface Pro 3 anywhere, be it for work or play. No longer confined to an office desk, this device opens up more options for your working mobility.



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OneDrive for File Storage and Sharing

How do your employees store and share files? Do they use OneDrive for Business?

Everyone is taking care of business. They wake up every morning by the alarm clock’s warning, head into “the city” and push and shove their way to an earned wage as the song goes. Back in the day, technology was advancing but we didn’t have the convenient tools we have now. OneDrive is a convenient tool to help improve your file storage and sharing capabilities.

Before we dive into what OneDrive has to offer, let’s jog your memory of the product. You may recall SkyDrive. Think of it like the The Artist Formally Known as Prince; OneDrive is the cloud storage service formally known as SkyDrive. OneDrive is built to the current Windows applications making it accessible through Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows RT and Macs on the desktop. You can also access OneDrive through other mobile devices such as tablets and smartphone through the mobile app version. It is available for Windows, iOS and Android phones. Another cool feature for accessing OneDrive is Xbox One and Xbox 360. With all of these options, your files are always conveniently accessible for sharing.

OneDrive markets itself very similar to other cloud storage services: “One place for all your documents, photos, videos and more”. Google Drive states it is “one place for all your files”. Dropbox defines itself as a free service that lets you bring your files anywhere to share them easily. Each cloud storage service offers easy access through desktop and mobile applications. So what’s the difference between them all? For the purposes of this blog, what makes OneDrive stand out? Business users.

In this world of fast mass communication, having a business component to your cloud base service is a way to separate your service from the pack. With the business portion of OneDrive, it offers more upfront to the average user. Take a look at the chart below from Microsoft. OneDrive offers 7GB of free storage just for signing up. This is less than Google Drive (15GB) but more than Apple iCloud (5GB) and Dropbox (2GB). On top of that Apple iCloud has restrictions such as you can only store specific types of files, and work documents can be accessed separately through iWork. OneDrive offers more in that it allows for more open collaboration with others as MS Office is an open work space across the web. For the business users, here’s where it gets fun.

chart 300x110 OneDrive for File Storage and Sharing

When your company has an Office 365 subscription, your company can receive OneDrive for business with 20GB per person. Office 365 users also have SharePoint for file management and sharing. Think of it like this: SharePoint is the intranet for the entire company where as OneDrive is like a folder on the intranet. You can share all important company wide information on SharePoint; however, OneDrive is home to your personal files. You can upload files from OneDrive to SharePoint to share to everyone or choose OneDrive to share files directly to individuals within the company. Make sense?

No matter the size of your business, OneDrive for Business can help improve your file sharing needs by offering cloud based storage with easy access. Simply put, you only need one drive for all your files. If you use another cloud based storage and file sharing service, leave us a mesage. Let us know how well it serves you and what you think about OneDrive.

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