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The safety and security of your computer and documents is our number one concern. From your home computer to your office computer, we all have items we don’t want to lose. Look at the following IT support resources below to to see how you can better protect your computer.

Computer safety is a 4 step process

Compare your current setup to our list and then determine how SAFE your computer may be.
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Step 1: Virus Protection

Virus protection is a must have. We suggest the following two antivirus programs from most secure to least.

Step 2: Backup

While most corporate environments provide backup services, you should have a copy for yourself too. At home, what would happen in case of a fire or theft of your computer.

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Step 3: Malware, Spyware Protection

While these aren’t typically scanned by most antivirus programs, they are just as dangerous. The following two software solutions can help protect your computer.

Step 4: Monthly Maintenance

Just like a car, your computer needs constant care. Updates of virus protection, OS software, and more are crucial to getting the most of your computer. trueITpros, LLC recommends having a professional check of your computer every 30-90 days.

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