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Our IT and creative services case studies are a collection of work we perform everyday. From assisting companies with choosing the right phone company to helping them reach more customers through digital marketing, trueITpros is here to help you improve your employee and customer experience from start to finish. For the name and contact of one of these case studies, please email us at info@trueITpros.com

Phone Bills

trueITpros, LLC submits a proposal to a construction company (Jan 2010) saving the company over $6000+ by switching from their current phone company to Cbeyond & AT&T. The company has two locations in Atlanta and Alabama.

trueITpros, LLC saves a collection company in south Atlanta more than $35,000 (March 2009) over 3 years by combining all their various phone lines, long distance and cellular to one simple contract. The company experiences less than one hour of down-time while the switch is made to the new provider.

IT and Creative Services Case Studies

From Dbase to Microsoft Dynamics

trueITpros, LLC helps a car company in Atlanta move from a 1970’s Dbase solution to Microsoft Dynamics. Collections, financials, and day-to-day operations and accounting are moved into this SQL based application allowing the company to more than double profits and productivity in a down market.

trueITpros, LLC manages the design, development and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics for a construction company in Atlanta. In less than 1 year, a complete custom package is designed and implemented immediately before Hurricane Katrina, saving the company $25k+ in building material increases. The project continues through the down housing marketing, allowing the company to continue operations while reducing staff by 75%.

Work at home like working at the office

With new technologies like Microsoft Small Business Server 2008, trueITpros, LLC has helped companies all over Atlanta, from 5 to 80 employees, work smarter. With Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint technologies, CEO and business employees can now work at home, at the office or on the road without losing any productivity. This results in happier employees and customers.

working from home office
Wordpress Dashboard Google Analytics

Top of the List

In a down economy, finding new customers is important. trueITpros, LLC helps a new jewelry company, home painting company, a home builder, a coffee cafe and Atlanta window tinting company move to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Each client reports new business as a direct result of online marketing efforts by trueITpros, LLC

Websites with Flair

trueITpros, LLC has been building websites for years, but sometimes matching the budgets of non-profits, new businesses and charities can be a challenge. In 2009, trueITpros, LLC manages to build a custom website with a CMS (content management system) for a local charity that WOWs the congregation, brings new people to the table and meets the needs of its employees.

atlanta responsive web design
woocommerce ecommerce website
shopify ecommerce website
paypal ecommerce payment processor

E-Commerce Specalists

Your Ecommerce website gives customers across the world access to your products. It is important that these visitors enter an ambiance that positively reflects your brand’s message and leads to a sale. In order to achieve this, our team of web designers and developers offer specialized website design for WordPress with integrated Ecommerce (using Woocommerce) for business to business and business to customer oriented companies.

Our Ecommerce websites are secured with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, so your website can safely accept payments. Stripe or Paypal will be utilized for payment processing. Inventories are managed in your WordPress dashboards using WooCommerce and product shipping will be handled through integration with your ShipStation account.

With your budget in consideration, trueITpros, LLC will use its many years of Ecommerce design and development experience to share your brand’s story and increase your revenue.