There’s one thing that the pandemic has done, and that’s made us adapt to how we handle our work, as well as produce the new normal and reinvent the corporate work environment.

As many of us switched to a remote-only or hybrid working style, it was quickly apparent that the need for the right type of internal communications tools would be needed to maintain effective work environments. Microsoft Teams is a fantastic option that also helps with synchronizing teams’ work efforts and maximizing response times.

It integrates seamlessly for easy collaboration

Teams work well with not only other Microsoft-based products but have also expanded its integrations with third parties. You can share and work on files with your team, store them in team workplaces and share them as needed with anyone inside or outside the organization.

With native connections to software such as Microsoft Excel and seamless connectivity to SharePoint – Microsoft’s online document library storage system, where you’ll always be able to find the right document in the right location all within teams

Reduction of emails with the enhancement of communications

Microsoft Teams helps to cover every aspect of a fully digital communication suite. You can chat with colleagues in real-time while also having the ability to easily set up and start a video conference whenever needed.

In addition, you’re able to sync your calendars from Outlook and other calendar applications to get the necessary notifications to never miss a meeting again. During these meetings, you’re able to easily continue collaboration and screen share anything pertinent to the meeting.
You’re able to include the whole company in one channel while breaking down teams and cross-functional units into different channels throughout the system, all the while being able to access each unique space whenever needed.

Also, when you’re on the go, Microsoft Teams comes with a free mobile application so that you’re able to continue the conversation or have that video or audio conferencing solution whenever you need it. You can continue the collaboration through the mobile application and still access documents from Microsoft teams as well.

One single centralized source of truth

The best part that comes from Microsoft Teams is that you’ve essentially created a digital company hub, where everyone in the organization can go to one location and find everything.

So whether it’s that latest budgeting document for your next meeting in your calendar, or you want to quickly reach out to the marketing team for a last-minute touch-up on some materials, the whole company can easily be reached. This is whether you’re going to use the web browser, desktop application, or mobile application.

For those advanced users, there are some powerful features to also integrate Microsoft’s own CRM or third-party CRMs to be able to handle all the company activities, including outreach to clients, third parties, vendors, and suppliers, all through this interconnected hub that’s known as Microsoft Teams. As a result, you’ll quickly be able to see how connected everyone is and how fast those response times for requests become as well.

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