If you’re a small business aiming to scale up, then technology can be one of your best friends if used well. By using technology sustainably, small companies can scale up easily and even down if necessary.

It’s important that you have the right technology for upscaling since it could be the case that some technologies are better suited for bigger businesses. But, if you’re looking to upscale your small business using tech, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some great technologies you can implement today to scale your small business:

Learning Management

By implementing learning management technology, you can customize your learning modules for all your employees to get people trained without hassle. Any good learning management tech should involve structured learning, reminders, and a centralized spot for information so that nothing is lost if team members move the organization.

You may even want to invest in learning management tech, which offers multiple languages if you plan to scale your small business globally.

IT Documentation

By having good documentation, you can avoid plenty of performance issues and downtime, keeping your revenue in check. In addition, good IT documentation will ensure that your employees aren’t wasting time trying to solve simple IT issues.

If you’re looking for IT documentation to help scale your small business, make sure it’s effective and secure by looking for solutions with enterprise-level security and organized documentation. You should also ensure that you can integrate your IT documentation solution with existing technologies in your business, so there is no hassle involved in switching over to a whole new system.

Security Awareness Training

A threat that looms over all businesses, small and big in this day and age, is cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, plenty of employees won’t be trained on how to deal with this recent phenomenon, which is why it’s essential to get ahead of the curve by training your staff through ongoing security awareness changes.

Perfect for a rapidly scaling business, a good security course with effective modules will be able to alert employees of the minor errors that can lead to vulnerability within the company’s cybersecurity. If you’re looking to avoid costly lawsuits and data breaches in your small business, then effective security awareness is certainly a must-have investment.

Vulnerability Scanning

When you’re upscaling your small business, you will be prone to more vulnerabilities within your databases. However, even the smallest exposure within your framework could lead to a whole lot of headaches that are easily avoidable with scanning.

Investing in ongoing vulnerability scanning ensures that you are immediately aware of any issues or breaches within your database. It’s always great to be ahead of the curve in any way possible since it takes businesses an average of 287 days to detect a data breach. Best to catch it early or face devastating consequences!


Technologies have become an essential asset in the facilitation of scaling any small business. By investing smartly, you can make your upscaling a smooth sailing process for everyone involved. If you are interested in learning more about the types of technology that can help you grow your small business, see our reviews and contact us today for a free consult.


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