Pay Per Click Services (Google Ads)

Pay Per click also referred to as Search Engine Marketing is a type of online marketing in which businesses create text or display ads and pay from an established budget when a visitor clicks their ad.  The text ads allow you to pay your way to a Search Engines first page results.  Combined with a strong SEO foundation it can produce great results in both revenue and lead generation.

Why should you use pay-per-click for your business?

Pay per click advertising has been an effective marketing channel for business to business and business to consumer companies looking to increase targeted traffic, brand awareness, and revenue.

Social Media Advertising and Pay per click advertising allows very granular targeting.  Example demographics include, income, education, interests, and the list goes on giving you greater control than other marketing channels.

See our blog post on getting started with Google Ads.

Benefits include:

  • Results are Measurable
  • Easy to get started
  • Extensive demographic targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Reporting Data to enhance marketing efforts
  • You only pay when a customer clicks
  • Quick Results

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Social Media Advertising

Facebook is the gold standard for Social Media Advertising.   If you are looking to advertise on facebook you’ve come to the right place.   TrueITPros can help you build and target your audience, re-target, and then rinse and repeat.  We will comb thru the data and fine tune our approach every step of the way to increase brand awareness, lead generation, and most importantly revenue.

Google Adwords PPC pay per click

Google Adwords

Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is a very cost effective digital marketing tool that every small business should add to their Search Engine Marketing strategy.   While Search Engine Optimization should be the core of any Search Engine Marketing plan it can take months to see results because of the competition and domain authority ranking.  With Adwords, once you activate your Ad Campaign your ads will begin showing immediately.  You’ll receive measurable results and the analytics behind your ads so you can continue to create better more engaging ad content.

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Bing Ads

Bing Search engine ranks second only to Google in the number of user search queries per month.   If you are not using Bing Ads your business is missing out on a large portion of search queries.  Bing Ads are typically less expensive than Google Ads and the platform is not as competitive as Googles.

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Pay per click advertising and Social Media Advertising works well with other digital marketing channels

Previous research has indicated that search users click on paid advertising more than other type of digital advertising.   Use Pay-per-click to compliment your SEO, Social Media Marketing, content strategy, and email marketing efforts.  Call TrueITPros at (678) 534-8776 or email us to discuss your digital marketing needs.