Small to medium sized business often face the challenge of finding quality, responsive, and affordable resources for their company’s IT support and IT Service needs.  Many are not large enough to hire a full-time onsite employee to manage their technology.   That’s were a managed services provider like TrueITPros can step in and improve both the efficiency and technical operations of a small to medium size business.   MSP’s also monitor Technical Resources remotely so that a Network or Computer Specialist is notified of any issues with a business technology often before business management is aware.  When an issue arises, they can respond remotely and if necessary go onsite to resolve issues.   The obvious advantage is the proactive instead of reactive approach to business IT Support.   Think of it a having a dedicated help desk to solve your technology issues and a CIO to advise you on the latest trends in software, hardware, and security to improve your efficiency, reduce cost and improve your bottom line.    Here is a list of benefits to help you determine if having a Managed Services Provider would benefit your company.   

Predictable Monthly Expense 

The predictable cost of a management service provider helps you budget IT Costs monthly.   MSP’s generally allow you to choose from a couple of different pricing models to match your requirements.  The first is to purchase “blocks of time” per month at a set rate.  For example, a real estate office might purchase 5 hours of support per month at a reduced price.   Any additional service would be billed at the normal hourly rate.  The second pricing model is based on the number of workstations and servers that require support.   You would simply multiply the cost to maintain a desktop or server multiplied by the number of each to determine the monthly expense.  In this case, there are no surprises when it comes to your IT Support expenses. 

IT Security 

IT Security for businesses of all sizes is more important than ever.   Hackers are 9-5 workers just like many of us, and they are constantly looking for ways to gain access and exploit business technology resources.   In the last year, we have seen an alarming number of exploits and ransomware on small businesses, healthcare and companies like Equifax.  An expert Managed Service Provider understands the importance of performing security updates on a business technology infrastructure and is constantly updating their security skill set to match the current and future security threat landscape.   

Certified IT Specialists 

A good managed service provider typically has specialized technicians with a high level of expertise in a few areas.  These specializations include, desktops, servers, networking, cyber-security, VOIP, and Cloud Applications.  That way, you get the best technician with the technical expertise to solve your problems quickly and efficiency.   The result is a substantial savings.   Your IT technicians should be familiar enough with your technology to act as a specialized helpdesk assigned specifically to solve your unique business challenges. 

Vendor Management 

Dealing with technology vendors is a drain on your time and resources.  Your MSP should be working on your behalf to resolve issues with hardware and software vendors, ISPs, and cloud applications.     

Virtual CIO 

As a business owner, you need an expert advisor for guidance on technology decisions, so you can maximize your business efficiency and ROI.   Look for an established company with management team that is passionate about technology for business. 

24/7 Availability 

An established managed services provider is going staff on-call technical specialists to address issues during evening, off hours, holidays and emergencies.  Doing so ensures business continuity.   

TrueITpros is an Atlanta Managed Services provider with  IT Services and Digital Marketing teams that work with small to medium businesses to improve their IT Support, efficiency and, ultimately, the bottom line.   We can be reached at (678) 534-8776 or contact us. 





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