It’s time to progress from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Many people who downloaded Windows 7 eventually fell in love with the operating system. This love affair did not die when Microsoft introduced Windows 10. Months after Windows 10 was released, many users continued using Windows 7 and only after more time elapsed did they upgrade. So the obvious question is why? Which is better? With the amazing features and reviews that Windows 7 has accumulated, it could be a tough decision whether or not to upgrade to Windows 10.


Familiarity is what appeases the Windows 7 customers who are still deciding not to upgrade. Design wise, Windows 7 is similar to the other operating systems that Microsoft has introduced over the years. Windows 10, on the other hand is a stark contrast from Windows 7. Even the start icon has changed. The design of Windows 10 is completely different and is more interactive than Windows 7. With Windows 10, the start button unlocks many apps and displays things such as emails, weather, and past documents, whereas Windows 7 is more traditional and simple in its approach. Additionally, Windows 10 comes with it’s own personal assistant, Cortana. Cortana is located right next to the start button and helps you manage your schedule and searches the web.


With all the added features of Windows 10, users might wonder about its safety. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is the most secure OS offered by the company yet. With its updated technology, the OS targets 4 things: threat protection, security management, identity protection, and information protection. It also offers features such as Windows defender application control, which helps to prevent malware and untrusted apps from running on your device.

Windows 10 is a step up from Windows 7 and is suggested by Microsoft to be purchased

Markus Nitschke, the head of Windows at Microsoft Germany said Windows 7 “does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high security requirements of IT departments.” He says the official failure of not upgrading could result in added cost from malware.

It seems as though Windows 10 offers far much more security that Windows 7. The initial switch in design and operation might be challenging for users who are accustomed to Windows 7, but the overall decision could result in faster speed, greater efficiency, and more security.

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