Hire trueITpros to properly manage your Windows 7 Updates

Within the new Windows 7 update, Microsoft has released security patches for a total of 67 vulnerabilities. Two of those vulnerabilities have been actively targeted by cyber hackers.

Double Kill IE 0-day and Win32k are the two vulnerabilities that can cause major problems if hacked. Cybercriminals with access to these vulnerabilities can create new accounts with full user rights, install programs or malware, and make changes to useful data. Hiring a True It Pros engineer is essential to getting this matter solved.

What is a computer Patch?
When a user’s computer is not working properly, a security patch may be needed to fix it! A computer patch is a host of changes to a computer program or its necessary data created to update, fix, or improve it. Patches address security flaws in a wide range of applications and improves usability and performance. Some applications that use or require computer patches are Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Exchange Server, Outlook, .NET Framework, Microsoft Hyper-V, ChakraCore, Azure IoT SDK, and more.

Why are patches needed?
Often times cybercriminals hack and exploit the vulnerabilities and flaws within the system. This is why reliable patches are needed. At trueITpros, our team of engineers are dedicated to solving this problem. They are experts when it comes to computer patching and any other computer related issues. When trying to fix the problem and install the patch, its important to note that a network error occurs during execution.

Who to call?
A True IT Pros engineer is needed to correct the network error. When users experience computer patching issues, hire trueITpros. When a problem erupts, don’t waste extra time trying to fix the problem. Call trueITpros instead and let us worry about the hassle. We are experts in the field and dedicated to solving the problem. This will lessen the user’s stress and save them lots of time and money in the long run.

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