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SSL Certificate

If you desire for your website to be the safe and secure place for visitors to browse, establishing a SSL is essential.

If you aren’t familiar with SSL jargon, SSL refers to the extra security within your HTTP connection. HTTPS also known as HTTP over SSL stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

It is the ideal internet standard for secure communication between your browser and any web server.


So why is this necessary for your website? Without HTTPS, anyone can read the data you or your visitors send to and from their server. HTTPS encrypts communication from both ends resolving privacy issues. If you are collecting personal information from your audience which includes general data about them and credit card information, securing a SSL is vital. Without it, anyone can easily hack or steal their data. If your website offers membership services, email subscriptions, or even has forms for users to fill out, a SSL is necessary.

Users want to browse sites that are safe and secure. And generally, business owners don’t want to risk a security breach that could compromise the privacy of its customers. Consider granting the audience and yourself more peace of mind by using SSL.

Without SSL, Google Chrome might possibly display a message to visitors indicating if the site they’re on is secure or not. If it is not, a red message reading “not secure” could appear next to search bar. This could decrease traffic tremendously, resulting in a loss in revenue.

If you are wanting to grow your website and establish it as the secure place for users to browse and shop, purchase a SSL certificate today and watch your business thrive. If you need assistance with this, our creative team can help you choosing the right hosting company to purchase your SSL certificate from. Give us a call today at 678.534.8776.

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