Why Microsoft OneDrive for Business?


It can be difficult to efficiently store documents without taking up a lot of storage space and using valuable workflow resources.  That’s where Microsoft OneDrive shines for enterprise and small business.

As a result, document management systems are migrating to cloud-based file storage systems that also include document scanning tools and built-in document storage features. As more and more people opt for electronic media or work exclusively in the cloud, online document storage can be a solution that ensures files are organized and accessible from anywhere.

OneDrive for Business is a cloud service for organizing remote data storage. The commercial version of this cloud service features a wider functionality and the ability to connect many users simultaneously. Thanks to this cloud service your company you will be able to store files and data in a single place without buying and maintaining server. This is convenient because company associates can access documents, files, and folders from any work device. OneDrive for Business has the ability to define access for various groups and departments and restrict data access from unauthorized users. If necessary, you have the ability to upgrade your package and add more storage space on the fly.

Cloud storage services operate as a network of data servers used to share data and access corporate files from various devices. Cloud storage providers maintain a network of storage servers in their data centers. Users can upload their files to these servers and work with data in the cloud through a browser, computer program or mobile application.

The benefits of this cloud storage include easy storage and access, as well as enhanced data protection on your network. You can organize your work more efficiently and optimize your legacy storage systems by uploading virtually any file to the cloud and using the ability to access it from multiple devices. You no longer have to worry about the security of your company data, knowing that it is backed up in a redundant secure remote location. This can be very helpful when recovering data after a system failure or hard drive problems.

An additional benefit of cloud storage for businesses is that it saves the resources needed to handle the data. Businesses can choose the amount of cloud storage and data plan according to their needs and reduce energy and maintenance costs for data storage and processing equipment.

One of the biggest features offered by OneDrive is sharing documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) with other users. You can create documents right from your web browser. You will also have access to a “lighter” version of Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office Online. Microsoft Office Online gives you access to the basic editing tools that are used to create most documents. OneDrive is also equipped with many additional functions: built-in office software, viewing pictures and videos, creating albums, editing shared documents, and more.

Users will be up and running in no time since the interface is very simple and straightforward.  That is one of the biggest advantages of OneDrive for Business and similar cloud business applications.

The benefits of Microsoft OneDrive for Business:

  • Remote access. Ability to edit and share files from any device, regardless of location.
  • Reliable data protection and backup. Files, photos, and videos are saved in OneDrive even if you lose your device. Only authorized and authorized users can access them.
  • Collaboration. Share and work on documents with colleagues from any Office application at the same time. This increases efficiency, especially when you work remotely.
  • Integration with Microsoft services. OneDrive uses familiar Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint. A convenient corporate ecosystem has been created, with the user working comfortably in a familiar environment.

You can choose from several OneDrive for Business plans, depending on your business needs with the option to upgrade at any time.

Cloud storage is used not only for data storage but also for sharing and collaboration. An important factor in choosing storage is not only cost, but also usability, data storage security, and priority to business applications in your organization.

If you are used to working in a Microsoft environment, the most effective and convenient way to store documents is to use Microsoft OneDrive for Business. A key competitor to this service is Google Drive. But OneDrive focuses primarily on the business segment and is integrated with other Microsoft services, while Google Drive is designed primarily for private users. Have questions about OneDrive for your business? Contact TrueITPros at (678) 534-8776 today for a free consultation.

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