Microsoft Azure provides a range of cloud services for its users, including analytics, storage, and networking. Every day, more and more businesses switch to the cloud for their data, and Azure is becoming an increasingly popular choice for these businesses!

Since Azure can provide many functions, it’s a great choice for small businesses to handle their data. In addition, Microsoft Azure acts simultaneously as a software service, platform service, and infrastructure service, making it an amazing all-in-one package for any small business looking to move to the cloud.

Here are just a few reasons why Microsoft Azure may be a great fit for your small business:

Microsoft Azure is Suited for IaaS and Paas

If you’re looking to pay for what you use and outsource your infrastructure, then Microsoft Azure offers cloud infrastructure (IaaS) to help facilitate this. Alternatively, if you are a small business looking to build web apps without maintaining any infrastructure, then Azure also offers Platform as a service (Paas). This makes Azure very flexible when it comes to how you want to implement it in your small business.

Microsoft Azure is High-Security

Azure is created using the Security Development Lifecycle, or SDL, a renowned security infrastructure sure to keep your small business’ data secure. This is why Azure is used widely in government institutions as a way to store and transfer data.

Microsoft Azure has also adopted the ISO 27018, which is an international privacy standard for cloud computing, allowing you to rest assured that your small business’ data is in safe hands.

Microsoft Azure is Easily Scalable

Whether you’re a small business with an application that has 50 users, or one with 10 million, Azure will be able to handle your needs. Not only that, but they can facilitate a scaling project of boosting your tight-clad 50-user community into a 10 million one with ease.

Azure Storage can allow you to scale your business safely, malleably, and securely without the need for extra coding. You can configure it to use as many processors as necessary and make as many changes as you need.

Microsoft Azure is Integrated with Commonly Used Applications

Chances are your small business already uses some Microsoft products. For example, it might be your Outlook email or the Office 365 Word and Excel programs that you and your employees use to log your information.

Whatever it is, Microsoft Azure is integrated with any Microsoft product such as Outlook, SharePoint, and Office 365. This makes it the perfect option to integrate with if your company already relies on Microsoft products. In addition, you’ll find that using Azure in line with Microsoft Azure is easy and hassle-free.


Microsoft Azure is a no-brainer if you already use Microsoft products and are looking for a cloud service for your small business. With its flexibility and industry-leading security measures, your small business will surely be satisfied with the capabilities and features that Microsoft Azure has to offer. Curious? See our reviews and call us for a quick consult.

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