What to Expect from Microsoft Windows 11?


“ Windows 11? But the 10th version was supposed to be the last one…or not?”

Officially, yes. However, the latest teasers by Microsoft give too many hints. There are so many ‘11’ signs in those messages that we’re pretty sure at the end of June Microsoft reps will announce the new OS version.

Here, we’ll talk about everything there is about Windows 11, the Sun Valley ‘phenomenon’, signs to look at, and more. It’s difficult to talk about any specific characteristics like the features, prices, release dates, etc. But we’ll try!

The Hints That Imply the Announcement of Windows Updates

Microsoft has given us several hints, and we just can’t stop noticing the number 11 everywhere in their statements and teasers:

  • A YouTube video with 4,000% slowed-down startup sounds of Windows 95, XP, and 7 is meant to be calming and meditative for those who are waiting for a virtual event planned for June 24th. Some find it really calming while others tend to call it creepy. But this isn’t the main thing about the video. It’s suspected to pitch a new startup sound for Windows 11 and (!!!) is 11 minutes long. Coincidence?
  • A short video was posted on Twitter with an animation of a window that makes a shadow in the form of a number, you guessed it, 11. It’s difficult to spot at first, but it’s there. The animation is an invitation to the virtual event.
  • The Event is taking place on the 24th of June at 11 am ET, which isn’t a standard time for such gatherings. Most Microsoft online meetings are scheduled later since the pandemic allows it and the headquarters are located on the West Coast.

We’re waiting for more teasers with casually included elevens. There’s still time before June 24th, so every tweet, statement, post, etc. by Microsoft is scanned heavily for signs. This is a fun game and a great way to make people actually read the statements.

The Release Date of Windows 11

The company didn’t give any definitive dates on the release, not to mention acknowledging there’s going to be Windows 11. All the company gave us is the date of an exclusive Microsoft event taking place virtually on June 24th, 11 am.

On that day, we may find out much more about the new version of the OS, its price, features, and more. Or we may get another teaser and look for the number in every following statement of the company.

Sun Valley: What We Know at the Moment

One of the greatest Windows updates we know about is called Sun Valley. It should bring dramatic changes to how people have been using the OS for the last decade. The company calls it a rejuvenation for s the operating system, including the adjustment of Windows Store.

A support document has revealed that Microsoft is serious about the new version of Windows 10 (which may be Windows 11) and Sun Valley. The mention of the latter was later removed from the report.

Sun Valley is expected to debut in October 2021, but we’ll find out more on June 24th. Until then, if you have questions or need IT Support for your business contact us.

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