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The Ultimate Complement to Multitasking

Have you found yourself saying, “Alexa, where can I find a Chinese restaurant near me?” Or if you own an Apple product … “Siri, I need a plumber in Marietta.” My favorite is summoning Google from my android phone, “Ok Google, what is the temperature outside?” When you do this, you are conducting a voice search. This form of search is the latest SEO trend where users simply depend solely on vocal command to monitor their search queries on the internet. Many of these searches are for local products and/or services. Voice search has gained lots of revolutions in the recent years and among mobile users so much that many companies all over the world are having to rethink their SEO strategies.

Most of these companies are adopting this search method, because it is more convenient and fun. It helps while you’re multitasking or on the go. Most voice searchers have intentions on using the service or buying the product they are seeking in the near future. So if you desire to stay ahead of your competitors in the SEO curve, then it’s imperative you acquaint yourself with the best way to be found via voice search.

Voice search has played a key role in the unprecedented rise in the use of mobile search, because smartphone users have drastically increased over the last few years resulting into the intensification of the use of mobile search.

An effective method to understand the scope of the use of voice search may be to give it a try yourself. Do this by asking questions that you know would easily bring more users to your website, and check the keywords ranking level compared to the top.

Ways To Make Your Business Ready For Voice Search

The following are the methods to optimize your website for voice search.

  1. Create content using a natural voice or well-spoken English. Avoid using any formal language. You can think in the same manner a consumer will be speaking when doing searches.
  2. Long keywords are great for optimization, but use long keywords and keyword phrases in the form of a question. You must ensure that they sound so natural, and don’t try to force your keyword into the content.
  3. Create a mobile-friendly website. A well responsive website will help you optimize your website for voice search.
  4. Optimize for Google, Bing and Yahoo for your voice search optimization.

Ready, Set, Voice Search Optimize!

There is a great trend in the use of voice search for optimization, and soon, it may likely represent a large percentage of total search. If you need help with achieving our recommended 4 steps, contact trueITpros today. If you have a website, we will access it to make sure it is voice search and mobile-friendly. If you don’t have a website, we can assist you in your journey to being found on desktop or mobile. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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