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Can voice recognition software help you improve your productivity? We take a look.

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Voice recognition software is becoming much more common in today’s gadgets. From composing texts on our phones to accessing devices like Amazon’s Echo, voice recognition software and apps continue to see improvements and integration. Voice recognition software is perhaps most useful in getting ideas onto virtual paper. Even those who aren’t writing their first novel or fleshing out a screenplay idea do some kind of writing. Emails, reports, social media posts, presentations, even simple to-do lists are daily tasks for most of us. Voice recognition software can provide a way to write these more effectively and efficiently.

Saving Time
When you’re overloaded with professional or personal obligations (probably both) driving can seem about as productive as twiddling your thumbs. There isn’t much you can do on your phone or your car’s onboard devices. Some state and local governments disallow even hands-free phone calls. With voice recognition software, however, you can dictate while you drive, making commutes and business trips more productive. With mobile devices, you can also quickly record ideas when you’re on the go outside your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about forgetting that great Facebook post you thought of while in the middle of your jog again.

Overcoming Setbacks
Typing words into a computer isn’t easy for everyone. Staring at a computer screen, using a keyboard through hand and wrist pain, even sitting in the same position for long periods simply isn’t possible for some people. This is especially true as we age when eyestrain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and other conditions begin to appear. Learning disabilities such as dyslexia can also hamper writing. All of these issues can be avoided using voice recognition software.

Will It Work?
We’ve all seen hilariously bad subtitles generated by voice recognition software on our televisions or in YouTube videos. While it’s true that voice recognition software can make errors (even big ones) it’s also true that errors happen about as often in typed text. Such errors also decrease as the voice recognition software adapts to your speech patterns and accent the more they’re used. This lets you “train” the software to avoid some errors that you’ll see early on.

Another potential pitfall is that you will probably want to be alone when using the software. Some people are certainly self-conscious about “talking to themselves” at first, but this goes away with time. Background speech or animal vocalizations can also confuse the software and lead to errors.

All in all, as voice recognition software technology improves, an app for your favorite device might let you complete all the writing you need to fit into your busy day.

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