The Latest Small Biz Tech Trends


Who said that technological advances are only for large businesses? The small ones are using tech to the same benefit but at a different scale. Any company, no matter how big, needs to incorporate digitalization and automation if it wants to stay afloat in the new age.

That’s why you need to attend events and look online to find out about the latest updates in the niche before your competitors.

To help you out, we’ve gathered the TOP small business tech trends you must try to draw more customers and provide a smoother experience to everyone.

#1: Introduce AI to Your Business

Artificial Intelligence sounds less and less like a sci-fi idea. Online stores, search engines, and other niches are using its power and possibilities across operations. People shop using AI as their guide into the millions of products a shop has. It helps with communication through chatbots. It’s also useful with targeting and prospect recognition.

The intelligence also helps you choose qualified candidates, partially automating HR. When 24 hours aren’t enough to do everything you want, automation comes in handy. And AI is in the front row!

#2: AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are going to change online shopping forever. Just imagine the scale of user experience when every potential customer has an opportunity to try a piece of clothing on or try to place your couch in their room.

Sounds like a lot of conversions and successful purchases.

The eCommerce world is blooming, but there’s definitely a drawback: you can’t touch or try on the thing before it arrives. With AR and VR, you come as close to that as possible, maintaining all the advantages of online shopping.

#3: Voice Recognition

Enable voice search on the website of your business. Adapt content to it and highlight that now it’s easier to use the site thanks to that feature. It will help you connect with customers better and gather more data since people are way more talkative when they use their voices.

When we type, we try to shorten our queries, which makes it more difficult to recognize our emotions and behavior. Voice search opens new possibilities, allowing users to find perfectly matching information and products and businesses to connect with clients and build trust!

The Best time to Incorporate Tech into Your Small Business Is Now

Don’t wait for a perfect opportunity or the right moment to start incorporating the latest tech trends into your business operations. Just imagine how much time, money, and effort you’re going to save when even 10% of all the processes become automated!

Order a chatbot to improve communication with your customers, build trust, and gather feedback. Activate it at night instead of the human support to have 24/7 assistance.

Or implement voice search and/or payments. Voice control is on the rise nowadays, as people realize how convenient it is to switch on the mic and look for something online or browse a shop looking for a specific product.

The opportunities are limitless!

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