It is not enough to hire a basic IT maintenance service, because the solutions that today are sufficient to cover the business requirements, tomorrow may no longer be worth and become an obstacle to the development of the business.


This is why it is essential to have technological partners with proven experience, who are also capable of mapping and applying the technological evolution that each company needs in a personalized way.


There are specific reasons why you may need Outsourced IT Services, including training for the use of new software, equipment or technology. Maybe, you also need an unbiased review of the internal system processes or the SEO of the company’s website. No matter the reason, finding the right IT services can mean the difference between the success and failure of your company.


With this objective, when assessing computer support, it is essential to verify that the provider meets high quality standards on its class. At least, the following points below can be a good consideration when choosing IT support company.


  1. Partnerships with the main technological leaders and demonstrated certification in their products: The training and specialization of its technicians in leading IT proposals guarantee a correct selection of the adequate solutions to optimize the data center and ensure its continuous updating.


  1. Own methodology based on successful projects to face the installation and start-up of the technology: The previous analysis of the infrastructure and the objectives to be fulfilled together with full collaboration with the business managers are essential elements to design a plan that ensures the success of any IT initiative.


  1. Preventive, corrective, evolutionary and adaptive attitude to the characteristics of each data center: Only then do ITs provide adequate coverage at each business moment.


  1. Different availability plans adjusted to the high availability needs of each process and type of business: 12 × 5, 12 × 7, 24 × 5, 24 × 7.


  1. Flexible services that include more than one face-to-face IT support: IT remote assistance (remote incident management), complete IT services outsourcing, transfer of specialized technical personnel, and more.


  1. Proximity and rapid response: It is advisable to set SLAs in this sense referring to established communication channels (telephone / online …), physical movements or remote IT monitoring services.


  1. Detailed documentation of all their activities to measure their profitability and training plans that allow users to maintain the highest level of independence, knowing, at the same time, that they have continuous IT support at the lowest incidence they have.


IT outsourcing is not exactly a new trend since its application has been entrenched within organizations in the Atlanta area for some time. Reducing costs to take advantage of world-class talent has always been one of its objectives, and that is extremely important considering that it is a sector that is continually changing. Being at the forefront means staying ahead of the competition and focusing on strengths.


We are at True IT Pros has dedicated our time and energy to give small business and corporate in Atlanta the best outsourced IT Services. Contact us today, and feel the difference!


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