Did you know that around 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work? Now that is a killer for employee productivity. So, what is the solution?

Yes, the best employees work well anyway, but they could work even better with the right tools. The best place to start is with technology to improve workplace productivity.

Keep reading to learn how the benefits of technology make productive employees!

Employee Engagement

If you have an engaged employee, naturally, productivity will improve. No longer is the ‘overtime’ worker the most productive worker. The smart worker is now the goal.

Enhance employee engagement with technology with fun and innovative tools!  An example is focus applications. They can help employees avoid social media channels and stay focused.

You can even have productivity tips pop-up or motivating messages! You can also share praise, use surveys to get feedback, and ensure employees feel heard.

Employees will be less stressed with data protection and backup systems. Prevent task repetition and data loss!

You can use managed IT services to ensure you have suitable systems for your company.

Improve Collaboration

A productive workplace demands good teamwork and collaboration. But there can be a disconnect in offices. The good news is there are tools.

For example, if you are a large business, you may embrace video conferencing. This enables all employees to attend meetings and liaise no matter where they are based.

And any business can benefit from an online communication tool! Employees receive hundreds of emails per day and spend about two hours a day managing them! Imagine how many emails are lost or delayed, which slows workplace productivity!

Streamline Tasks

One of the most common productivity tips is communication. The best employees take on many tasks but can overlap with others, so tasks end up being repeated!

Technology allows employees to update tasks and progress on shared systems in real-time. Even simple daily tasks will be more efficient. For example, password tools save employees time waiting for password-protected documents.

You can also streamline tasks such as time-tracking! Whether you have a small business or a larger one, you want to reduce the risk of lost hours and save HR time. Also, time tracking technology can help you analyze workplace productivity and time management.

Deliver Training and Education

Use technology to provide training that includes productivity tips. Save time training new staff or repeating training with videos, slideshows, and tests. Technology guarantees all training is standardized and everyone is on the same wavelength.

Support Flexible Working

One in four Americans will be working from home through 2021. But, you need effective technology systems to make flexible working effective. Tools you can use include video conferencing, data security, and task tracking.

Utilize Technology for Employee Productivity!

The benefits of technology for your business do not stop at employee productivity! Clients, customers, and you benefit from better communication channels, time-saving, and simplified processes.

Everyone wants to engage in what they are doing, but tools are needed to help this process. Technology allows employees to embrace work productivity tips in easy ways.

Before you know it, all staff will be the best employees. Why? Because they will be productive employees!

Are you interested in utilizing technology for your business productivity? trueITpros is based in Atlanta and Valdosta. Contact us today to learn how we can support your IT needs.

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