Google My Business

Google My Business can help small and local businesses manage their web presence across a variety of Google apps.

Google My Business is hoping to make being seen easier for local and small business owners.  Google My Business replaces and upgrades older apps like Google Places for Business and Google+ Pages.  It unifies all the metrics and options that deal with how your business is listed with Google.  

Foremost, Google My Business streamlines data entry.  It disseminates the information in your company’s profile to Google Maps, Google+, Google Search, etc.  This makes updates quick and standardized.  Managing multiple profiles is also made easy through a simple dashboard.

Google logo, Google My Business

Google My Business allows customers to reach you in several ways and across various devices.  For example, a customer using her phone to look you up in Google Maps can then call you with a quick tap.  Customers finding you easily is the first step but keeping them talking is the best way to ensure a sale.

Reputation is everything, especially on the Internet.  Google My Business also lets you easily access reviews for your company.  

Google My Business can be seen as a commitment by Google to help local and small business.  Unifying Google’s many, sprawling branches will certainly be a time-saver for business owners.  Easily crafting a uniform web presence can also add to initial customer trust.  Perhaps most importantly, Google My Business helps your bottom line in that it’s completely free of charge.  

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