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Facebook safety and privacy is always a concern, and the company has some new tools in the works to help ensure both.

Facebook safety and privacy concerns are being addressed through some new tools on the social media site.  

At some point, all of us have concerns over the safety and privacy of the information we share on our social media accounts.  Facebook is taking these seriously.   It has recently been engaging users, activists, and other groups on how it can better address issues of safety and privacy.

One of these involves a new feature that helps root out impostor accounts.  An alert is automatically sent to the user if their name or profile image are being used by another account.  The user is then asked to verify if the questionable account is an impersonator or not.  Profiles marked as impersonators are then reviewed by Facebook team members.  Facebook officials say the feature began testing in November and it is now being used across 75% of the world, with plans to expand its reach soon.

Facebook safety

A more serious Facebook safety and privacy issue revolves around the sharing of nonconsensual intimate images.  These have been banned by the company since 2012, but a new reporting feature is being tested.  It allows someone reporting the image to also identify themselves as the subject of the photo.  This in turn brings up links to resources such as support groups for abuse victims of abuse and data on legal action in addition to the review process already in place for reported nudity.  The company says the feature is testing well but it is conducting more research before rolling it out en masse.  

A third feature being tested for Facebook safety and privacy involves educating users on image privacy settings.  While such features are already in place, the company’s research has found that these are either misunderstood or unknown to many of its users.  The new feature will help make users aware of their safety and privacy options when sharing images.  

Will these new features help calm any fears you’ve had about Facebook safety and privacy?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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