Without a doubt, it can be said that COVID-19 caused our lives to rotate 360 degrees. No one could imagine isolating themselves in their homes for such long periods of time. But COVID made out worst nightmares come true. If there’s anything that needs constant focus, it’s cybersecurity.

How along with everything else, has cybersecurity experienced changes?

Cybersecurity is important for everyone who uses the internet for their personal or work lives. During COVID, everyone became dependent on the internet for nearly everything. Whether that be working, studying, shopping, or anything else. So how did cybersecurity solutions change to address the additional need during COVID?

During the early stages of lockdown, many of us were having trouble adjusting to the new remote work life. Eventually, we all found our comfort from working at home. That meant that cybersecurity had to be effective to prevent data compromise and malware.  The company’s sensitive data, your personal details, and so on had to be protected. During the pandemic, many hackers were able to circumvent traditional network security scenarios to gain access to sensitive company and personal data. This happened because many people didn’t know how to work safely and securely from home. In addition, they did not have an IT support department to help them along.

If anything, good came from COVID, it was the increase in demand for small business cybersecurity and new solutions to support the remote worker.

Cybersecurity has improved the efficiency of cloud security solutions:

Everyone depends on cloud apps to store their data. When the transition to a remote environment occurred, people working remotely started storing even more private information on their home’s personal devices. It became more important to employ automated cloud data backup solutions to protect company and personal data regardless of work location.

Cybersecurity has taken measures beyond boundaries:

Before the pandemic, cybersecurity teams played a huge role in protecting company information technology resources . Imagine what would’ve changed in their roles when they had to secure connections and everything attached to basic tasks. For example, for a company, the IT security team had to first secure the connections of all their employees. After that, they had to protect the data, passwords, and provide remote application support.

Apart from doing this, cybersecurity also had to adapt to the employees now working remotely. When the first wave of COVID hit, companies had to change their whole narrative of security measures. For this, cybersecurity had the most important role to play. It had to think of new ways and go outside the box to develop strong security measures. Aside from major companies, small business cybersecurity support staff also worked tirelessly during this period.


The pandemic changed the way we address cybersecurity for remote workers. It forced us to make changes and evolve in the way we conduct our business and personal lives. Most importantly, it made cybersecurity teams work even harder to promote the security of information technology systems. While it may not seem like much, the pandemic played a huge role in the evolution of cybersecurity for small business remote environments. If you need help with your small business IT security efforts, find a highly reviewed business IT support company that understands your business needs.

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