Regardless of your business size, whether you’re just a small business with a few employees or you’re growing into a medium-sized business, technology along with cybersecurity are an everyday part of business life.

Whether you’re using email, cloud-based storage, or some type of project management tool, you will interact with technology and need some form of IT infrastructure.

Once you have that infrastructure setup, you’ll want to consider getting some type of cyber security system in place. This will protect your digital assets from intruders looking to steal or corrupt your information. Yet how you implement that type of cyber security is critical as well.

Don’t make it a DIY affair

You may think that it may be good enough to have a shared spreadsheet with all the logins and passwords even at the early stages of business. After all, you can enable two-factor authentication with many types of third-party software. Instead, opt-in to work with your managed IT services partner.

They’ll work with an end-to-end solution to cover how you will store logins and how to secure onboard and offboard employees with their tech-related equipment properly.

They’ll also help to implement inventory management systems for your hardware to help keep track of everything. The reason to do this is that any computer that has access to your system is a potential security threat and gateway to your data.

Then it’s all about encrypting your data and information on proper cloud-based storage mediums. The cloud solutions themselves provide a layer of security by default that’s easy to customize based on your needs. The final items to consider are employee training to empower them with the proper security procedures and to do an annual audit.

How this will help you obtain cyber security insurance

By having your managed IT solutions provider work to implement the correct system the first time, it will help you not only to obtain cybersecurity insurance but also help to maintain the premiums at a lower level.

When you’re looking to get the correct type of cybersecurity, they will look to do their own assessment, including a vulnerability assessment that will challenge the entire end-to-end procedure you’ve implemented.

They’ll be looking for certifications such as ISO 27001 or process documents that show your business has everything fully thought out regarding cyber security and how you assess potential internal and external threats. All of this will be a factor in whether you’ll be able to obtain cyber security insurance or whether you have shortfalls to be considered.

Play it safe

You’ll want to consider cyber security insurance because even with the top security system setup, nothing is 100% guaranteed protected. Cyber security insurance helps to provide you with the financial safety needed in the worst-case scenario.

The only way to get the best cyber security insurance is to always work with your managed IT service partner to integrate the correct and complex cyber security system. See our reviews and Contact us today for a free consult.

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