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Facebook Safety

Facebook safety and privacy is always a concern, and the company has some new tools in the works to help ensure both. Facebook safety and privacy concerns are being addressed through some new tools on the social media site.   At some point, all of us have concerns over the safety and privacy of the…

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Windows 10 Scam Information

There is a Windows 10 scam that will come through your email and attack your computer The Windows 10 scam is a small trick that can do some big damage to your computer. This ransomware comes in the form of an email that seems to be from Windows. The email claims that you can update…

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Tech Support Scam – Why It’s A Hassle

The latest tech support scam that could cost you time money. A tech support scam is currently running rampant. Instead of infecting your computer by having you click faulty links or making brute force attacks, you are actually the one infecting your computer. That’s right- the hackers fool you into downloading (and paying for) software…

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The Microsoft Vulnerability: The Facts

Get the facts about the Microsoft vulnerability – and what you need to do about it The buzz on the Microsoft vulnerability has been dominating the internet today. If you’re not someone who stays in the loop about the world of coding, software and the like, this is something you may want to do a…

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CyberArms: Protection Against Intrusion

Learn how trueITpros is using CyberArms to keep you safe In a technology-based society security is important and one of the ways we are helping our clients achieve security is by installing CyberArms on all of their servers. Keeping your information safe is a top priority for us. One way we can be the best…

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