Use caution when connecting to public wi-fi

Make sure each and every time you connect to WIFI that it is an SSL connection.  If you are not sure the name of the network at your favorite coffee shop ask an employee at the location.  Bad Actors and Hackers use what are referred to as Man in the Middle and Evil Twin attacks get your data.  They simply clone the public access point name with software on their machine while running a denial of service attack on the legitimate access point so you connect to their machine (the evil twin).  While you will still have access to the internet, everything you do online will pass through their machine in benownst to you.   These types of attacks happen at restaurants, coffee shops, and other hotspots.  Instead, use the data plan on your phone to access the internet.

Use software to track your phone

Find an application depending on your phone type and model to track your phone in case it becomes lost or stolen.  Apple has an application that will allow you to track your phone called   It simply tracks your device and allows you to lock the phone, destroy all data, or send an audible alert when you lose your phone in the house or in the yard.  It only takes a few minutes to set up and you will be glad you did.

Make sure your OS is up to date

The primary reason that manufacturers are constantly updating software on devices is to fix vulnerabilities in the previous software versions.  Hackers are always trying to find device vulnerabilities to compromise them.  While sometimes updates can take time to download and install they are worth the effort.

Be careful of text “phishing”

Text phishing is used to trick you into clicking malicious links.  Hackers will often send messages pretending to be someone that you are friends with to get you to click on enclosed links.  If you receive strange messages like this, speak with your managed IT Services provider and ask them to block these messages.  You can block these yourself by blocking the number without ever even clicking on the message.

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