How long should you have to wait for a response to your question from your business IT Support provider? Does “faster” imply a noticeably improved experience? In this article, we will examine our findings.

Nothing is more frustrating than having your IT infrastructure fail and then having to wait hours or even some days for an answer from your IT Company.

The most frequent issue we hear from prospects searching for a new IT provider is that their current supplier is unresponsive. As a result, there is more downtime, less productivity, and as a result less income.

Why do companies need to measure response time?

Customer satisfaction studies regularly demonstrate a favorable relationship between shorter response times and better satisfaction levels. According to Forrester Research, 77 percent of clients think that the best thing a business can do to offer them effective service care is to value their time.

Clients’ experiences are shaped by their expectations. If you can surpass their expectations by responding fast, it will reflect favorably on your customer service and your firm as a whole. You are producing a terrible experience if you are slower than expected.

Response times are vital since they are a (relatively) controlled factor that has a direct and immediate influence on your customers’ experience.

Top questions to ask when switching to another IT Support provider

When you are discerning whether or not to switch IT support providers, ask the following questions about response time:

Question #1: Do you answer the phone in real-time, or do I have to leave a message and wait for someone to call me back?

People like to talk to other people, especially when dealing with complex technical issues.

Your time is precious as a customer, and the less time you spend waiting for an IT supplier to reply, the less money you lose.

Question #2: Do you provide a documented, guaranteed response time to crucial issues?

The less downtime you have, the less money you will lose. That is the gist of everything. We recommend that your Managed IT Services provider guarantee a response time of 30 minutes or less from the moment you contact the helpdesk. This guarantees that your problem is resolved swiftly and that your staff remains productive.

Question #3: Do you assign a support team and account manager to my account to guarantee that all of my demands are met?

You do not want an IT supplier that just goes through the motions, but one who takes the time to get to know your company so they can do what is best for it.

Understanding your company is the cornerstone for providing a timely, courteous, and personalized service experience.


When choosing an IT provider, remember that the most valuable and important thing is your time. Your IT Support company should provide you with an initial business IT consultation and answer any questions about response time. Value your time and money!

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