The lines might have become a bit blurred between technical support and customer service. Especially when technology becomes a staple in our day, whether for personal or professional usage. We have started to use them interchangeably, and it’s important to note that there are significant differences between the two.

What exactly is tech support?

Tech support is when we need to be able to get something working with our technology and software. It doesn’t always mean that we directly need to contact someone to help us out, as there are many stages to go through.

Ask a friend or check out the FAQ

This is what is known as self-service, where you try to resolve the issue yourself. If it’s just a software issue, there’s bound to be someone that’s had the same problem before in the past, and thus there’s an easy solution out there. This is the most cost-effective and can help with minor technical issues.

Advanced Technical support (i.e., Human)

This itself has varying degrees of support. Usually, there are around two to three different levels, with the most basic level troubleshooting with you for the most common problems. Yet you’re not only stuck with basic support.

If necessary, they can escalate the situation to technical experts and product experts that have advanced knowledge and tools to work with you to resolve the issue. Of course, this can come at a premium because you’re looking for a highly specialized level of support features.

What does customer support cover?

Customer support encompasses many things, including some aspects of tech support. Customer support is really the first line of relationship management with any type of consumer base.

So it is when someone needs help, whether with their account, a product, or anything related to your company. That interaction is a critical touchpoint with the end-user because they start to see what type of a company it is.

Therefore, it’s so important to have customer support and, in parallel, tech support that understands the local nuances, culture, and how to resolve the issues. That’s why we formed a  friendlier Atlanta IT Support.

There was a big motion to outsource and offshore IT support, a mixed bag. Different time zones and misunderstandings led to unnecessary frustration.

Outsourcing your IT locally, especially those looking for east coast operational areas, should consider our Atlanta IT support. Not only have we been seeing it all, but we’re also ready to work with you to resolve whatever your technical problem might be.

No one should have to stress when something isn’t working correctly. Especially with the number of tools we now use, the new hybrid work models, and more complex technology. We need items to work, and if they cannot, having an expert with a proper bedside manner can make a massive difference to the rest of the relationship with any company. See what our customers are saying and give us a call.

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