Falcons’ New Video Board

The Atlanta Falcons are getting the NFL’s largest video board in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Everyone loves a huge TV and they don’t get much bigger than a sporting arena video board.  The NFL’s biggest game is almost here and many of us are still thinking about football.  The Falcons might have had a rough year on the field but their future is looking bright above it.  The new Mercedes-Benz stadium now being built is expected to be a masterpiece of engineering and venue design.  Perhaps its biggest appeal among tech geeks, however, will be the gargantuan, ring-shaped video board that will be installed.  This massive, LED video board stretches around the inner circumference of the stadium’s dome.

Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz stadium, halo video board

South Dakota-based firm Daktronics is building the stadium’s video board.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Tim Tucker quotes Daktronics’ CEO, Reece Kurtenbach as saying, “This ‘halo’ display is really a test of engineering capabilities and architecture coordination that our team at Daktronics is proud to accomplish.”

Just how large will this new halo video board be?  The Falcon’s official Twitter account described it as, “When laid flat and straight, the 360-degree halo board in Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be 1,100 linear feet long.”  As you can see in this graphic, that measurement exceeds the height of the Eiffel Tower.  It’s also 58 feet tall, making the total display size a whopping 63,800 square feet!  These measurements make the video board “three times as large as the current, largest, single display board in the NFL.”

We might not be able to gush about the Falcons’ record this season, but the new video board at Mercedes-Benz stadium will certainly be a point of pride for the team and the city.

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