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What You Need to Know About CryptoLocker

Find out how to protect your computer from CryptoLocker – and why it is so important to do so. CryptoLocker has emerged on the scene as one of the most destructive (and expensive) viruses out there. The world of technology is constantly evolving and people learn more and develop new programs. With that constant change…

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The Scary Truth about Viruses and Malware

Don’t let a scary viruses and malware ruin your Halloween – or your business. Halloween is here and if your small business relies heavily on computers, there are few things scarier than viruses and malware. For our readers who may not know, there is a difference between viruses and malware. Malware is the blanket term…

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Cisco Small Business Routers

Connecting your small business to the world is an extremely important component to your company’s success. At trueITpros, we offer IT products, such as routers, that can keep you securely connected to the Web. Every small business should operate with a Cisco Small Business Router. This product supports VPN (virtual private network), security and connectivity…

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Computer Protection Products and Services

Most people think of solar weather as just another atmospheric storm. However, in recent years, scientists have discovered huge solar storms stirring up from the Sun that can cause catastrophic blackouts on Earth. These tremendous clusters of magnetic energy can do harm to your computer or laptop like never before. At trueITpros, we believe in…

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Virtual Help Desk

When it rains it pours and computer issues can feel like a hurricane. No one likes to be inconvenienced. Unreliable technical support can add to the stress of any IT problem. At trueITpros, we make sure we are always readily available to assist our clients through our Virtual Help Desk. Virtual Help Desk allows us…

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