Need remote access to your computer? Follow the instructions below.

If you encounter a problem or are unfamiliar with your username and password, email for help. (Please allow 24 hours for a reply).

  1. Click (you can save this location as a Bookmark or Favorite in your browser)
  2. Enter your username (typically your email address)
  3. Enter your password (assigned by trueITpros when you set up your account)
  4. Click the LogMeIn - Small Computer Icon icon next to the name of the unit you want to access
  5. Enter your username (the username to your computer)
  6. Enter your password (the password to your computer)
    • OR enter the password set up by trueITpros at your request.
  7. Click Remote Control
  8. You can now use your computer as if you were in front of it!

 Remote Access and Security provided by:

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