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Tay Quickly Corrupted

Tay, Microsoft’s recent foray into social media chatbot technology, quickly became an offensive embarrassment for the company. Microsoft’s latest experiment in AI, a chatbot called Tay, went live on social media platforms recently.  Almost as quickly as we became aware of the launch, however, Microsoft was forced to take Tay offline.  She’d apparently picked up…

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Facebook Safety

Facebook safety and privacy is always a concern, and the company has some new tools in the works to help ensure both. Facebook safety and privacy concerns are being addressed through some new tools on the social media site.   At some point, all of us have concerns over the safety and privacy of the…

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Voice Recognition Software

Can voice recognition software help you improve your productivity? We take a look. Voice recognition software is becoming much more common in today’s gadgets. From composing texts on our phones to accessing devices like Amazon’s Echo, voice recognition software and apps continue to see improvements and integration. Voice recognition software is perhaps most useful in getting…

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Windows 10 Update Strategy

Windows 10 becomes a recommended update for all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, signalling a new phase in Microsoft’s marketing. Windows 10 has been slowly making its way onto PCs over the last several months.  Much of this is probably thanks to the surprising free-to-upgrade option.  This has paid dividends in terms of Windows…

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TrueITpros 2015 Gift Guide

Here is our trueITpros 2015 gift guide to help you with those last minute gifts for the tech-lover in your life. A gift guide can be an invaluable thing during the holiday season. It can be hard to know what someone really wants, or even where to start with your Christmas list. With less than a week left…

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