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Welcome to Summer

Welcome to the first day of Summer. Have a Great day from trueITpros

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New Website Design Launch

trueITpros has launched a new website design to make the competition step back. A new website design can be the answer to your marketing prayers. You’ve been starring at the monitor, wondering why your leads are not leading anyone to pick up the phone and call your company. Maybe you have noticed the placement of…

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Computer Protection Products and Services

Most people think of solar weather as just another atmospheric storm. However, in recent years, scientists have discovered huge solar storms stirring up from the Sun that can cause catastrophic blackouts on Earth. These tremendous clusters of magnetic energy can do harm to your computer or laptop like never before. At trueITpros, we believe in…

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Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

In general there are no do-overs in life. This idea definitely applies to lost data. There’s nothing worse than losing all your important files off your computer. However, there is always a backup plan for such emergencies. trueITpros offers backup and disaster recovery services. Let us relieve your IT stress. Backup and disaster recovery services…

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Virtual Help Desk

When it rains it pours and computer issues can feel like a hurricane. No one likes to be inconvenienced. Unreliable technical support can add to the stress of any IT problem. At trueITpros, we make sure we are always readily available to assist our clients through our Virtual Help Desk. Virtual Help Desk allows us…

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