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Stagefright Hack Information

Get informed about the Stagefright hack – and what you can do about it. The Stagefright hack has left many people spinning. If your phone is Android version 2.2 or beyond and is on Google’s Android operating system (and there are roughly 950 million of you) then you are vulnerable to this attack. It has…

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Computer Protection Products and Services

Most people think of solar weather as just another atmospheric storm. However, in recent years, scientists have discovered huge solar storms stirring up from the Sun that can cause catastrophic blackouts on Earth. These tremendous clusters of magnetic energy can do harm to your computer or laptop like never before. At trueITpros, we believe in…

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Is my home computer infected?

Is your home computer infected?  Unfortunately, the answer is almost always YES.  Sure, you have some software to protect you from….well, something. Home computers house some of our most valuable items (photos, music, and financial data); however, we almost NEVER protect them.  We have this false believe the because it’s in our home, we are…

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