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Tay Quickly Corrupted

Tay, Microsoft’s recent foray into social media chatbot technology, quickly became an offensive embarrassment for the company. Microsoft’s latest experiment in AI, a chatbot called Tay, went live on social media platforms recently.  Almost as quickly as we became aware of the launch, however, Microsoft was forced to take Tay offline.  She’d apparently picked up…

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Facebook Safety

Facebook safety and privacy is always a concern, and the company has some new tools in the works to help ensure both. Facebook safety and privacy concerns are being addressed through some new tools on the social media site.   At some point, all of us have concerns over the safety and privacy of the…

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Changes for Google+?

Christopher Poole, founder of 4chan, was recently hired to fill a prominent position with Google’s social media site, Google+.  Can big changes be far behind? It isn’t news that Google+, Google’s social media site, is a distant second to industry leader Facebook.  At the end of 2015, Google+ had about 418 million active users.  Facebook…

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Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can affect any business’s online reputation and ultimately its bottom line.  Here are a few ways your business can avoid negative reviews. Negative reviews have always been a concern of business owners.  In the past, word of mouth was perhaps the most widespread way to talk about a business, but in today’s world…

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Facebook Emoji Tracking

Facebook’s new emojis offer a wider range of quick reactions to posts but Facebook emoji tracking allows them to mold what appears in your News Feed. Facebook users recently saw new emoji options below their News Feed posts recently but these options have also allowed for improved Facebook emoji tracking. The addition of the new…

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