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Stagefright Hack Information

Get informed about the Stagefright hack – and what you can do about it. The Stagefright hack has left many people spinning. If your phone is Android version 2.2 or beyond and is on Google’s Android operating system (and there are roughly 950 million of you) then you are vulnerable to this attack. It has…

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Windows Phone 8.1 With Cortana

We’ve done some research on the Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana and thought we’d share what we found! We’re always learning about the latest and greatest when it comes to technology, and this week it is the Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana. It sounds like a mouthful so we thought we’d break it down a…

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The new iPhone 5s fingerprint reader… is it safe?

Apple’s “Touch ID” iPhone 5s fingerprint reader is here, but how long until hackers get their fingers on it? Fingerprint scanning technology isn’t anything new, but it’s about to become a lot more mainstream. Thanks to the debut of the iPhone 5s at Apple’s fall event, fingerprint scanning has been brought to the masses. For…

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Smart Device Accessories for Better Computing

trueITpros geeks out for 2013’s latest device accessories Entrepreneurial websites like are churning out smart device accessories like whipped butter. Talented visionaries are quickly augmenting technology with incredible accessories like the Pebble Watch, Wall-EE, and LifeProof.  A trendy maker of device accessories—BlueLounge—makes some of the most integrated solutions to the most common desktop conundrums….

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Top Free Mobile Business Apps of 2012 (for iOS and Android!)

Make 2013 your most productive yet with mobile business apps for iOS and Android For smartphone users, the hassle of choosing the right apps can lead to unforeseen hiccups. Having the top mobile business apps to manage your data is critical to your security and organization. So you start to shop around and download, only…

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