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Office 2016

The newest version of Microsoft’s perennial business software, Office 2016, is here.  We take a look at some of the changes on offer. Office 2016, Microsoft’s omnipresent office work software, was released not too long ago.  Here we’ll take a look at what you can expect when you upgrade (if you haven’t already)! Office 2016…

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2015 Tech Updates

Our first 2015 Tech Updates was a success! We put on our first 2015 Tech Updates on Monday and Tuesday this week at Corporate Environments. Engineer Dalaina Glenn gave a great presentation about Windows 10 updates, Outlook updates, the Microsoft App Store and more – not to mention she came bearing snacks and drinks! The…

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Windows 8.1 Update Out 6/26/13

Microsoft set to release the Windows 8.1 Update to make computing easier and faster Windows 8.1 update is due for release at the end of the month. This update to Windows 8 will offer new features for better mobile computing and the overall touch screen experience. The public will witness a preview of the Windows…

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The Microsoft vs. Google Privacy Standard War

Microsoft launches a direct attack on Google privacy standards Have you ever sat down to read your Gmail and been blown away by the accuracy of ads appearing around your inbox? The Google privacy standard is under direct attack by the digital patriots at Microsoft. Let’s be real: it’s no secret that Google harvests user…

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What is the Best Cloud Storage Service? trueITpros Review

The best cloud storage options for individuals and small business Have you found yourself running out of space on DropBox? Do the clouds and rainbows inaccurately reflect how you feel about the most common free cloud storage platform on the market? The interface is lousy with zero customization available to end users. With so many…

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