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Windows 10 Scam Information

There is a Windows 10 scam that will come through your email and attack your computer The Windows 10 scam is a small trick that can do some big damage to your computer. This ransomware comes in the form of an email that seems to be from Windows. The email claims that you can update…

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The Microsoft vs. Google Privacy Standard War

Microsoft launches a direct attack on Google privacy standards Have you ever sat down to read your Gmail and been blown away by the accuracy of ads appearing around your inbox? The Google privacy standard is under direct attack by the digital patriots at Microsoft. Let’s be real: it’s no secret that Google harvests user…

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The Importance of Having SEO Strategies for Business

SEO Strategies—what is SEO and how does it work? It’s time to beef up your web presence with integrated SEO strategies. So what exactly is SEO, you ask? Search engine optimization (SEO) is regarded by many as a highly technical and confusing sector of computer programming. While online marketers are an emergent skill in today’s…

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What is the Best Cloud Storage Service? trueITpros Review

The best cloud storage options for individuals and small business Have you found yourself running out of space on DropBox? Do the clouds and rainbows inaccurately reflect how you feel about the most common free cloud storage platform on the market? The interface is lousy with zero customization available to end users. With so many…

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Smart Device Accessories for Better Computing

trueITpros geeks out for 2013’s latest device accessories Entrepreneurial websites like are churning out smart device accessories like whipped butter. Talented visionaries are quickly augmenting technology with incredible accessories like the Pebble Watch, Wall-EE, and LifeProof.  A trendy maker of device accessories—BlueLounge—makes some of the most integrated solutions to the most common desktop conundrums….

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