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Smart Device Accessories for Better Computing

trueITpros geeks out for 2013’s latest device accessories Entrepreneurial websites like are churning out smart device accessories like whipped butter. Talented visionaries are quickly augmenting technology with incredible accessories like the Pebble Watch, Wall-EE, and LifeProof.  A trendy maker of device accessories—BlueLounge—makes some of the most integrated solutions to the most common desktop conundrums….

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Bigger is better: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. iPhone 5

The Galaxy Note 2 dominates in size, features, and most importantly—productivity Let’s face it: the Apple team has been slowly feeding a generation of iAddicts a steady drip of boring updates. The reality of Apple’s success means they do know a thing or two about computers. We can’t deny that.  A few of us are…

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Samsung Chromebook Contends with ACER for Google OS Cloud Computing

Days after its release, the Samsung Chromebook goes toe-to-toe with the ACER C7 It’s hard to believe Samsung Chromebook is a fully functional laptop—complete with dense Google Cloud integration—and is priced at a stunning $249. That was the idea, until ACER released their version of an economical solution to laptops before Thanksgiving. The C7 has…

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Microsoft Surface RT vs PRO

Top 3 reasons to skip the Surface RT and wait for PRO The Microsoft Surface RT came highly anticipated and with lofty expectations to match. Users who have spent thousands sifting through other non-Mac tablets all rushed at the RT, only to be let down by some fundamental usability flaws. The introduction of Windows 8…

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Nexus 4 Sells Out Almost Instantly in UK

Will the Nexus 4 replace high-dollar smart phones? The highly anticipated Nexus 4 hits the shelves today in the US, despite a controversial sellout in the U.K.. Technology experts speculate that this may be the device that tarnishes the hyper-cool iPhone reputation once and for all. The Nexus 4 has unbeatable new features that are…

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