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Guess Who Has a New All-in-One Desktop PC?

LG reveals its new all-in-one desktop pc, a not so distant cousin to Apple’s iMac. When Apple released the iMac, their all-in-one desktop pc, the world was super excited to see a new, sleek approach to desktop computing. The old bulky floor model PC might take another back seat to LG’s new all-in-one desktop PC,…

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The new iPhone 5s fingerprint reader… is it safe?

Apple’s “Touch ID” iPhone 5s fingerprint reader is here, but how long until hackers get their fingers on it? Fingerprint scanning technology isn’t anything new, but it’s about to become a lot more mainstream. Thanks to the debut of the iPhone 5s at Apple’s fall event, fingerprint scanning has been brought to the masses. For…

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Built for Business…small, sleak, and ready to run

Dell’s new Ultrabook is the perfect combination of small and sleek, but it also has the power to run. If you aren’t quite ready for a table, try this laptop today. Contact trueITpros to get the perfection configuration.  

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trueITpros virtual backup server saves the day—introducing The Vault

A virtual backup server is worth every penny for IT stability Do you have a virtual backup server? The Vault system operates on two major platforms—a physical server and a cloud-based server. The two are integrated to prevent downtime and enhance your internal IT infrastructure. Technology blurps happen—with The Vault, you can be prepared to…

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