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Data Storage Forever

A new method of optical data storage can record large amounts of data in a small space and still be readable billions of years in the future. Data storage has always been one of the main components of information systems.  From the punched cards of early computers through today’s smallest drives, data storage has come…

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Falcons’ New Video Board

The Atlanta Falcons are getting the NFL’s largest video board in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Everyone loves a huge TV and they don’t get much bigger than a sporting arena video board.  The NFL’s biggest game is almost here and many of us are still thinking about football.  The Falcons might have had a rough…

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TrueITpros 2015 Gift Guide

Here is our trueITpros 2015 gift guide to help you with those last minute gifts for the tech-lover in your life. A gift guide can be an invaluable thing during the holiday season. It can be hard to know what someone really wants, or even where to start with your Christmas list. With less than a week left…

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Philips Hue Wireless System: Part 1

The Philips hue wireless system breaks the lighting mold. The Philips hue wireless system will totally change the way you think use light in your home. The TITP team loves the whole concept of the bulbs, the bridge, and the complete control from the app. You may think lighting is just about brightening up a space and adding…

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Hot Products: The Amazon Echo

Why the Amazon Echo is on our list of hot products- and why it should be on yours too We like to update our readers about new products on the market and this week the Amazon Echo is in the spotlight. This is something that can help organize and simplify your life. Think Smartphone without…

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