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Webroot Cloud AV

Webroot Cloud AV is the new kid on the block at trueITpros Webroot Cloud AV is replacing Vipre in terms of antivirus protection. This transition is an easy one because of all the benefits of Webroot. Antivirus programs are crucial to businesses like trueITpros because of the nature of our company. New developments in this…

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The Adobe Cloud

The Adobe Cloud is something to keep your eye on! We like our readers to stay up to date about new technology, so this week we decided to post about the Adobe Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud is a software from AdobeSystems that gives users access to a collection of software for graphic design, video editing, web development,…

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OneDrive for File Storage and Sharing

How do your employees store and share files? Do they use OneDrive for Business? Everyone is taking care of business. They wake up every morning by the alarm clock’s warning, head into “the city” and push and shove their way to an earned wage as the song goes. Back in the day, technology was advancing…

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What is the Best Cloud Storage Service? trueITpros Review

The best cloud storage options for individuals and small business Have you found yourself running out of space on DropBox? Do the clouds and rainbows inaccurately reflect how you feel about the most common free cloud storage platform on the market? The interface is lousy with zero customization available to end users. With so many…

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Samsung Chromebook Contends with ACER for Google OS Cloud Computing

Days after its release, the Samsung Chromebook goes toe-to-toe with the ACER C7 It’s hard to believe Samsung Chromebook is a fully functional laptop—complete with dense Google Cloud integration—and is priced at a stunning $249. That was the idea, until ACER released their version of an economical solution to laptops before Thanksgiving. The C7 has…

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