Built for Business…small, sleak, and ready to run

Built for Business…small, sleak, and ready to run

Dell’s new Ultrabook is the perfect combination of small and sleek, but it also has the power to run. If you aren’t quite ready for a table, try this laptop today. Contact trueITpros to get the perfection configuration.


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Proposed New Domain Suffixes for 2013 with the rise in proposed new domain suffixes for 2013.

New domain suffixes will hit the largest release ever this year. Hundreds of websites with new domains will be out as early as this summer. The last expansion was more than 10 years ago, which can allot for the hundreds of dot whatever on the way. The complete list of companies and proposed new domain suffixes will be revealed on June 13, 2013.

new domain suffixesThe Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for receiving all applications for new domains and issuing them as such. The new domain suffixes will range from brand names to general words and even cities will be used for generic top-level domains (gTLDs). Google applied for 101 new domains and is attempting to acquire a .lol domain.  Applying does come with a lofty fee of $185,000, so it is very important for the applicants to know exactly what they want. Domain names are cheap; it’s the suffix that truly burns the wallet. However, this is mere pocket change to a billion dollar company.

Looking at this from a marketing point of view, this is a great opportunity for a business to grab a unique domain that will bring great placement to their website. One of the best things a business can do to stand out online is to have a distinguished domain name that stands out and is easy to remember. For example, trueITpros was able to capture the perfect domain that completely covers our services in It follows a great SEO tactic, covering a strong keyword such as Atlanta IT consulting in the URL. This will give the new website good rankability and linkability. Think about it – there has to be a tactical reason why companies like Google, Amazon, Apple and are always listed at the very top of web searches.

For some companies getting new domain suffixes is a way to grab up the best names or cool names before someone else does. Although dot com’s sell better than other domains, having your company name as a domain suffix could possibly allow for more sales. For example, might effectively work on the consumer’s better than  ICANN is looking at 1,930 applicants with multiple domains requested for each applicant. ICANN has quite the process in reviewing the applications for new domains. Currently only 514 have passed approval. ICANN is also responsible for setting up the protections for trademarked names. Why should ICANN change the Internet by allowing hundreds of new domains this year? Simply put…they can.


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New Website Design Launch

trueITpros has launched a new website design to make the competition step back.

A new website design can be the answer to your marketing prayers. You’ve been starring at the monitor, wondering why your leads are not leading anyone to pick up the phone and call your company. Maybe you have noticed the placement of your website on major search engines is relatively low, like below the fold low. It’s probably because you need to invest in a new website design. If your website looks like it feel off the cyber cookie sheet from the 1990s, it’s time to seriously upgrade. The marketing and design team at trueITpros took some time to analyze our own work and said, “We can do better. We can have a new website design that will make our competitors cringe. We can use our new design model to show potential clients how we can help their website look ten times better, more modern and user friendly plus SEO ready.”

When it comes to new website design, we like to take the bare bones approach. Our website design team will evaluate your current website and provide a full analysis of what we see wrong. Most business owners have great pride in their website, especially if they designed the website themselves. Check your ego at the door with your coat. That’s what we did. It will be okay. Trust us; holding on to that old design is boring. Moving on to a new look will generate new clients while impressing the familiar ones. For example, if a potential client searches online for services you provide but doesn’t like what they see once they click the link to your website, you just lost new business. Most consumers pick up the phone to call when they first like the website. Let’s face it, online is the first line of communication; the telephone is now secondary.

new website designFor our new website design we wanted to make sure we had enough detailed content without overloading your senses. Other than pleasure reading, most people don’t care to read a ton of words. An encyclopedia for a homepage or any webpage results in system overload and a high bounce rate. The trick is to keep the consumer on your site by giving them just enough valuable information at first glance. He or she is looking for something very exact when they click on your website, and you have a 10-20 second window to prove to them that you offer said product or service. When you view the trueITpros home page, you know exactly what services we offer within 5 seconds. Your eyes hit the page and boom – there it is: IT Services, Websites and Marketing. Keep it simple and get noticed – that is all.

trueITpros follows the three P’s: power, panache and personality. Building our new website was a group effort. Sure our web designers performed their wizardry, but each member of the company provided feedback that led to the finish site. We wanted the personality of trueITpros to come through. For example, our marketing team developed the new marketing packages. They wanted to clearly display all the wonderful services in a chart. Now new clients can clearly understand what they are paying for in plain sight. Our engineers know how to fix things, but even they knew the IT services page should be user friendly. They wanted tech language translated into lamens terms and now anyone using the website can understand how trueITpros can help with small business solutions.

At trueITpros, we’re visually learners and we figured we’re not the only ones. Everything is noticeable and simple. Get it? Call on trueITpros for a new website design for your company and you will.

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Microsoft Introduces the Xbox One

Xbox One, the new generation of technology.

The Xbox One unveiling has everyone buzzing. Xbox One is changing the face of home entertainment with new technology that surpasses all expectations, making it well worth the seven year wait. Microsoft has new technology focused on simplifying all of your entertainment needs under one console. Movies, Games and Internet are only the beginning as the Xbox One now offers Skype and Live TV in an all-in-one package. The sleek new look and futuristic features make it the Lamborghini of its industry. It’s just missing a butterfly door.

Xbox One

Xbox One

Microsoft intended to make the user interface more accessible by redesigning the controller and Kinect. Xbox One is always connected and ready to go. All it takes is your voice to make Xbox One come alive. Although the Xbox 360 linked TV, games and entertainment in one unit, Xbox One offers a more advanced way to navigate throughout your home entertainment system by voice commands and full body gestures. A remote control is so 1980’s. Now you can simply turn on your device by stating “Xbox On”. The Xbox One will recognize your voice and take you to a personalized home page. If you want to watch TV, just tell it. Want to surf the Internet, just call on Internet Explorer. It will respond to your every command.

Voice activated commands is just one convenient upgrade to the new Xbox One. Now users can make gestures such as grabbing the screen with their hands to virtually move from one page to the next. Kinect is truly connected, so much so that it can even read your heartbeat while working out. Snap mode also allows users to multitask by opening up multiple programs at the same time.

Although there are super cool features to the new Xbox One, it’s not just a hub for home entertainment. At trueITpros, LLC we noticed a unique way the Xbox One can actually help small business owners. (You knew we would tie this into small business IT some kind of way.) With the new voice command and easy access to the Internet from the Xbox One, presentations just became fun. Normally you stand in front of an audience with a clicker and a projection screen of PowerPoint slides. With the Xbox One you can leave that clicker back in 1999 and use your hands to navigate through a cool business presentation for new clients. Maybe even finish that quarterly company meeting with a breeze. When you walk in to the lobby of the trueITpros office, we have a slide presentation about the company on an iPad. But how cool would it be if we had a large screen up with the Kinect running that picked up on body movement as people walked into the office. New visitors could stand there and use their hands to move our company presentation along the wall. Pretty neat eh? Xbox One is not only for home entertainment, it is also has other multifaceted uses.

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Keep in Contact With Constant Contact

Constant ContacttrueITpros can help your small business stay in constant contact with customers!

When marketing your small business to the world it is most important to keep constant contact with your audience. Engagement marketing can help you obtain and grow customer relationships. As you know, each customer/client relationship is valuable; without them there is no bread or butter. Not only does trueITpros lead the race in small business IT solutions, we also have a unique grasp on marketing strategies that help small business owners compete in an ever changing market. To stay at the top of the marketing game, trueITpros has recently taken their marketing ventures to the next level by partnering with Constant Contact . If your company has the voice of a shrinking violet, trueITpros and Constant Contact can help you sound more like a blooming rose.

Constant Contact specializes in email, social media and event marketing as well as online surveys local deals and digital storefronts. Maybe you need a new method to get your monthly newsletter out to customers. Email is the answer. Everyone checks their inbox throughout the day. Increase your client reach through weekly or monthly emails that will deliver results such as new business relationships and more revenue.

Perhaps your Facebook or Twitter page needs a boost in likes or follows. Constant Contact can help you turn fans into customers through running special promotions. Keep your current audience engaged while picking up new fans. All it takes is a little free coaching. With Constant Contact you never have to wonder if your efforts are working. You can track your success with real-time reporting. Stay one step ahead of other companies in your industry by planning your next move and keeping your ideas fresh.

At trueITpros, we are solutions providers. Sometimes managing marketing can become overwhelming. It truly is a full time job making sure your company has an active presence online. That’s where we come in. trueITpros manages several successful email marketing and social media marketing campaigns through Constant Contact. We have a formula that can give any small business high traffic and a far reach. To learn more about how we can help you stay in constant contact with your audience, call us at 678-534-8776 for a consultation today!


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